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Right at the Blue line and Bentley outside on the plane, and that's one of those situations. The Air Force just has to find a way to at least get one, and we talked about last night when Bentley had the five on three, followed by the five on four. They were able to get those two goals to take a four gold lead. Air Force had that golden opportunity and wasn't able to score. Pal comes will win the faceoff, but the puck gets by Jake Levinson escape back deep in his own end from behind the net. 11 comes out and Jake 11 stick handles to the neutral zone lost the puck and it's taken away by Bentley. Long pass ahead toe. Welcome. Welcome near Circle comes in shoots seeds made by feeling big rebound here the hash marks and crashing from there. Wasilla's Who? Fante. He tried to follow up on that rebound, but he had a defender right in his face couldn't do it. The puck is still loose in the air Force end rimmed around and kept in a the blue line by Harrison Harrison will send it in behind the net. It spins all the way around, and Bryan Adams, with the chance to get it out of the zone is able to do it. No icing. On the long dump in Bentley, a rather air force world get fresh legs on the ice. And here comes Bentley looking for something here that is going to be Ethan Harrison. He fires one that misses the net dried and it's dug out of the corner by then row boys Hambro boys to Martian with a shot in another saved by shilling in the rebound. His picked up in front of that by air forces. Will Gammon. Pitched out of there by 11. And this one is pitched way out of there into the scans. Yeah, and again, short glass right here down in front of us. And Levin just tried to chip that out of his own and at home, that puck gets out because it hits off the high glass here. Bentley. It gets up into the stands. So the face off stays in the air Force and 11 16 44 left in the second. Valerie's into Take this draw against Jack of Novak, draft choice of the Ottawa Senators and Bowery wins the tap. Gavin Gavin. I'll pitch it into the Bentley and and go after it. But beating him to that park is even Roswell. Roswell comes out. Turns it over Outfront Horn has it He escapes across the goalmouth from left to right. Doesn't pull the trigger, tried to pass it. Instead, it's intercepted, taken back and then taken back by air Force leads to a shot in the drive there by Zach Garages is just wide wanted to go top shelf lifted a little bit too high and wide left. Rogers gets back from the blue line fires away and Mrs White again. Bentley sends it the other way showing wants an icing call, but no call. They play on. This is Novak from behind the net feeding outfront intended for Hamlet broken up by air Force out to the blue line. Bavaro will keep it in a pot. Gradel's around and finally, horn gets it and Horn will send it the other way. And this will be icing on air Force. Sure, looked like Bentley was gonna ice that puck in the Novak ends up winning the race. And you heard from Talk about in the pregame show about winning races. While Bentley is winning the majority of the races to those loose pucks, and that was one in particular, Schilling came out to play a chilling ends up getting knocked down on the play. He gets up. He's fine, but Bentley gets another offensive zone face off. In front of shilling Qazi on the dock for Bentley. Against Bowery wins the tap it. Air force comes away.

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