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It's a very simple, very elegant software wallet that you can use on your phone and you get your seed keys and you custody at all yourself. You guys it's start 9 are developing software that is plug and play to make it simple for boneheads like firefighters to use our own stuff to back up all of our information. Yeah. We're the Guinea pigs. I mean, that's why already before we did anything formal, we kind of put you through the wringer. Like we had to be not just run it, but be really comfortable with it. And I think that's sort of how we view the entire space. Like if we can't set it up, then how is it going to be a workable opt out solution in any regard? You know, I know some people that are full time software engineers may scoff at that and say, but if you have a pulse on the average individual and the way people's time is limited, families, full-time jobs that have nothing to do with this. We have to create workable, viable, realistic solutions that average huckleberries can utilize. And if we don't, there's a lot at stake. There really is. It's not fun and games anymore. Yeah, I know a lot of software developers. I am one. And I don't know any that self hosts all their own infrastructure. This isn't just a technical barrier. It's a time energy in patients barrier. Even people who can have a totally sovereign independent computing existence, the vast majority do not, at least not in full. Many use central service providers for all sorts of things. And it's for the exact reason that Josh mentioned, which is it's super convenient to do so. As I mentioned before, there's a lot of things that are really convenient as children, you know? You don't have to do anything. There are dude. Andrew, whatever you want. My two and a half year olds are complete degenerate. She gets fed, diaper changed, warm house has no idea how it's a lovely looking existence for my vantage point. Yeah.

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