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Okay. This year. We had the sixth and seventh time that receiver duos each each had one hundred yards receiving this is the first time ever the NFL that there was two in the same season. We know one one of them is Abe and Jewish who was the other one. But did he say one hundred receptions thousand yards a hundred perceptions? Wait Rams now I'm thinking Vikings. Feeling and digs it if he Lynn index. Ding, ding, ding. I didn't do that. Digs. They they actually tied Abyan juju do a wise for the number of receptions, two hundred and fifteen each now, they were not as they were. They were also the only other do oh that was targeted over three hundred times. Abyan juju was the most three thirty four and they were next at three. Oh, two. So that was that was pretty good now as we're looking at duos, let's do this one. There's a different duo that is tied with Abyan juju for the number of touchdowns this season twenty two it has also the only it has also the same duo that had more than a b and ju ju and it's not digs and feeling. You mean this season in the NFL? The only other they had more yards in Abyan juju. And they also say they were tied for touchdowns. I've got to on my mind. I'll let you go. First Jeff are year, not counting running back here. You know? Okay. I'm I'm not including running backs. But I'm not saying that's only receivers there's rent. There's your tight ends. Okay. I've got ahead. Ryan tyreek hill. Travis kelsey. There you go ding, ding, ding to go. They were going to tyreek hill and Sammy Watkins. But I didn't believe that. When you said tight end, I took Kelsey. Yeah. Well, Sammy Watkins missed a lot of time. Yep. Yep. So let let's go back to Steelers stuff. Okay. Out of all the wide receivers on the Steelers. We'll go talk about this who had the least number of receptions, and how many was Darius Hayward bay? That is correct now made sad. Well on to no one. One reception wonder -ception nine yards. Looking was that that was a little swing route. I don't know. I I if I thought about a heart. No. Okay. Is that it or do you get? This is kind of a follow up to that one on one catch onto targets. He that means he had a fifty percent catch rates. There were two Steeler wide receivers who had lower catch rates. Antonio Brown's definitely one of them. And and Tokyo Brown actually had a sixty one percent catch rate. There was a point. He was like forty eight. Yes, he got better as a season went on. It was. Enderle receivers that had worse. Yes present. And do you have a minimum targets for this PHP had two targets the Ellen Rogers? The highest James Washington. Jan is Washington was lower. He had forty two percent. Forty Justice one. Gotta be Justin hunter and Justin hunter had twenty three point one percent. Twenty three three hundred percent. We'll talk about this later, but he played his way out of town. Yeah. You mean Ben through his show? Murder. Yes. The Lord of Ben Rothlisberger in his in his condo. Us up with that. I figured that was more than enough for you guys. Good a good trivia, I like this segment. I like it earlier in the show, but I liked this idea too. So Brian did you wanna comment on anything before we move on? Ready to talk about slinging the pig in catching it. Receiver. That is what we're talking about. We are going to dive into the depth chart of the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver core in the way that I described this article on YouTube for those that are watching live is there was a time when the Pittsburgh Steelers not only were considered a wide receiver factory. But we're so loaded at the position. Can we really say that now let's take a look at it. Because Antonio Brown is number one. But we have no idea if he'll be back everyone's trying to leave the door open. And yet everyone else is trying to slam shut as every talking head is talking at the Super Bowl, and everyone that says they know Antonio Brown. Well is speaking for him. And so it's just a mess. And you can't listen to everything that you hear whether it's a current player..

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