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Last year he was really quite harsh on on himself and drew attention to the mistakes he felt he'd made in those <hes> in those stages which not many sprinters tend to do. They tend to sort of <hes> you know. Try and keep that mistakes hidden under wraps. Perhaps for fear of giving the opposition a bit of an advantage or or just not to attract further criticism but you mentioned the the the stream of rided in the past who had the undisputed fastest man in the world tag. There isn't really a sprinter <hes> that could lay claim to that. There's quite a broad base of very good sprinters but no kind of one outstanding right at one outstanding sprinter who really really could have said for a couple of years that he was on the planet with marcel kissel the subject of our first kilometer zero of this wealth ice on you're not racing here of course because he it has announced his retirement but he'd kick off his <hes> grandeur sprinting career with victory in the twenty eleven welter so we spoke to a few of his former teammates and also his former team boss patrick lefevere about kittle episode. He's on the feed now. Two zero r. v. to say marcel is code who <hes> now before we move on. Let's just hear a quick word from the runner up today with tones of tricks sigfredo and he's in no doubt that sam bennett is in a very rich vein going forward. I think in the end i have to be happier. I think it's clear already in the being monk tudor banisters the fastest sprinter at the moment and we did a great job with the team <hes> john brought me really really well into last kilometer sprint benetton just faster than everybody. I think <hes> so i'm a bit disappointed that i couldn't finish off the great leader john but in the end i think i have to be also realistic and see that bennett as the fastest <hes> so we may be have to hope he is one day in the worst position than than normally the speed was just very high it was expected it would be a very hectic finish and <hes> with all excuse we have a great great guy to bring us to the last kilometer but i lost him about one and a half to go but suddenly i found the job on the right side inside the last kilometre on he went fool and i was a great great lead out. I i did what i could but then it was fuster shirt shoot that i don't think podcast team car the back of the tax lease indeed interrupt this latest installment of our wealth coverage to tell you that tonight's episode is sponsored by harry's it has to be me endorsing this product because the people harry's.

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