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But then says now we should be opponents. Instead that was the main event. And i was thinking about strength and that was dreadful while explained because you usually. You're you're over that was dreadful. Even even a premise of how he feels like The whole conversation how it was going you pretty much knew where where it was going to end up. Being and Can pull it off. He could not cameras was solid. But kyle cannot put it off. He that that whole segment just to me. Just trying to push the next main solo guy is. I don't think it's gonna work. I never saw. I never saw it in him. I never honesty i. I'm saying i'm not saying that because I'm see what i'm seeing now. I always thought him. he is attacking. No no i see him as a singles. I can't see her but not with this. Not this way On a better note we gotta dexter lewis versus la night. What he thought about damage match it. i love me some la night. Humans not remorse. Indie hogwash. it. Not so much. I thought it was i. I thought it was a Better looking for like night. Dan for dexter loomis. The indy heart welding is innocent. You get one goofy segment to next goofy segment. You know what i'm saying. I find goofy. Because people said andy heart will doesn't find him cute legitimately that she's Because he brainwashed her. No i just think that s she's about actress that's what it is A yeah But late night is fucking gold. He he fuck it makes work but As for the loomis thing is just. I thought the way was going to be like a legitimate solid kind of faction. But they're fucking goofballs daylight. I think we need to go back. And just being joins us on castaway. I think it's just a miniature version of the dark order. Or maybe like i kind of look. I don't know it just it. Just weird But overall de annexation have storylines like the fucking Love angle show. That i don't i don't know yeah I picked up the win. I'm happy he did and it was an okay match. I enjoyed i enjoyed gave us Not really a big guy anymore. La night is the future and.

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