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NCAA tournament games, NFL, Champions League, PGA Tour, and some of the best films and shows being made right now among them mayor of Kingstown starring Academy Award nominee, Jeremy Renner. So just shout out peacocks or dodo birds or leaky black or larnell in the comments. Leave your Twitter handle or your Instagram handle with your comment. And if you win, nada will contact you and hook you up. All right, strong job. Good to see you. And I wish I could tell you that the first Friday of this NCAA tournament was awesome. But relative to Thursday, at least it was kind of boring. Top seed Arizona cruised to an 87 70 win over ripe state. Three number two seats played duke Villanova auburn. They each won by at least 17 points. None of them even came close to pulling a Kentucky number three seed perdue, blew out Yale, three C Texas tech glue out Montana state, three C, Wisconsin, got tested, but got by Colgate. 16 gains were played on Friday ten of them were decided by double digits. Strong jaw, you tell me was I just spoiled by Thursday or is it true that Friday was mostly just just okay. Y'all. It's a good start to my podcast. Thursday was fantastic for starters. Friday was just okay. You know, there was some good games there were some close games, some of the top teens were tested, most notably number three seed Wisconsin that came down to the wire. Against Colgate. But on the whole, I think Friday was relatively disappointment. It was pretty bland, especially in comparison to what we got in round one on Thursday, which was just a ton of upsets, a ton of games coming down to the wire. That was not the case on Friday. No. Listen, you can't have the peacocks on every day. That's not the way the incident of a tournament works. And by the way, kind of a weird moment with the peacocks because seton hall got smashed by TCU. Late Friday. And in the postgame press conference, Kevin willer was asked about his future because he's been widely connected to the Maryland job. In fact, most people in the industry believe that soon, he will be named the next head coach at Maryland. At which point shaheen Holloway Saint Peter's coach will, you know, eventually become the next coach at seaton hall. Shaheen, of course, played there and used to work there and so it all makes sense. And usually coaches in Kevin's situation will just say things like, hey, you know, tonight's about my team about my players, you know, all of the speculation about my future. We can discuss that another time. And he was just like, you know, I'm going to sit down with my agent and we'll talk it out and I'll be real honest and, you know, if I'm not here, if shaheen Holloway is here, that would make me the happiest person on the planet. It was like, wow, Saint Peter has got a game in a few hours and you basically just announced to the world that their coach will be leaving them very, very soon. So it was just an interesting situation. Did you catch any of that? I did, and the timing is just incredible. If you're a seat and hall fan, I get that timing wise, it's just got to be awful. I mean, they just lost 69 42 to TCU. It's the third biggest tournament loss for seaton hall in program history. Stephen hall shot 29% from the field. I mean, it was, it was just a dreadful performance and if I'm a seat in hall fan, I've got to be just I great at Kevin Willard because it feels a lot like he's just, hey, I'm looking past this game. I don't really care. I've got my I've got my next spot picked out, it's on you, shaheen Holloway. If you've noticed in these postgame press conferences, you see a lot of coaches and especially a lot of players, very in tune with what people were saying. You know, it's like you saw in the Houston postgame. It was like, you know, we had heard a lot about jelly walker. And so, you know, we wanted to try to keep him under control or the Providence players were like, we saw everybody was picking South Dakota state. And you know, we were like, we're the biggie's champions. I'm paraphrasing here, but a lot of that we heard what people were saying, we saw what people were tweeting. We saw it was on Instagram and if you acknowledge that that is been noticeable over the past two days, then you have to acknowledge this. The scene helped players have been seeing and hearing that their coach is leaving. And there's no way to prove that that played a role in this, but for Satan hall to come out and get smacked like that. I think they shot 28% from the field. You know, I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that maybe just maybe all of the speculation about their coach leaving might have caused some issue that led to them playing as poorly as they played all season. Yeah, I mean, good luck trying to overlook that. I mean, the potentially the future of the program that you're playing for is in doubt at the very least. Now Shaquille Holloway, if he does end up being the seat hall coach, I think that's going to end up probably being a really good fit. But if you're a player, it's really hard to ignore some of that noise, whether it's on social media, whether it's through the media, and the way that they just came out completely flat in this one. Credit to TCU, they looked really good. Mike miles had 21 points. It's my guy. TCU ended at 35 year drought between NCAA tournament wins, really, really impressive for the horn frogs there, but yeah, if you're seeing hall player, it's got to be hard to block out some of that noise. And I would imagine they entered this game with that at least in the back of their heads knowing that potentially Kevin Willard could be on his way out. There's no question. So like I said, 16 games played on Friday, ten of them decided by double digits. It was obviously one of them. One of the ones that wasn't was probably my favorite game of Friday. And that was Illinois Chattanooga. Illinois wanted 54 53. And what at 54 53, despite the fact.

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