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You are listen to every man podcast this episode thirty seven with keith mitchell welcome everybody i'm excited that you are listening in before i get to talking about the episode a little bit i have to tell you about an experience that i just had an and currently having last week we didn't every man workshop in new york city eta incredible place called the assemblage which is a coworker space that just literally knocked my socks off a bend to a handful of co working space before of worked out of them and the semblage was gist i can't even really describe what it was like it was like walking into a dimly lit lic immaculate lee conceived alter universe in which people who work there are just wildly interesting and goodhearted and is just strange beautiful art everywhere and comfortable anyway i don't think i'm doing it justice but the assembled in new york we had a workshop we originally thought we had forty spots available when a parent over fifty guys there which is just amazing and in that workshop one of the questions when the prompts we ask broke into small groups at at a certain point and we asked the question what are we withholding from the world what are we not sharing what do we hide what we hide from everybody and i'm not sure if this is clear but at our workshops in in our groups in and in a retreats in expeditions as the facilitators the leader iin the other facilitators and leaders also participate this is never just a telling you what to do and sit there while you do it it's a full participatory model so i do my work alongside everybody else right and so mice stretch coming out of this experience i challenge myself and to hold myself accountable to the other guys there my stretch was to share on the podcast my insecurity because on the podcast i'm always doing an update i'm always sharon what's going on with every man and i recognize that it's pretty sent there's a lot of sunshine volved fred hits a lot of good stuff it's a lotta positively it on his own.

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