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Was watching liberty quarterback Malik Willis against an SEC level defense. And like a secondary storyline was I love watching all this quarterback Matt corral. A lot of people say he's the first run pick. I'll get into that later. But like Matt carral against liberty, you're supposed to dominate liberty. That's not a, I want to watch Matt Carl against LSU, auburn, Alabama, George. Against really good defenses. I expect mature Al to have a great game against lower level liberty. But watching Malik Willis against the top defense is what I'm really excited to see. And Malik Willis did not have a great game. He was 16 for 25 passing for a 173 yards, zero touchdowns passing. He did have a touchdown rushing. Buddy through not one, not two, but three interceptions. And oh man, I should have seen this coming. I feel dumb that I hyped up this game 'cause I'm like, of course, oh, give me liberty. Had a hard time against old miss. What a shock. It's not surprising. It's like, wait, come on, of course, they're gonna have a hard time and lose the game. I think if anything, it's impressive that liberty only lost by 13 points. This game was a physical mismatch. I mean, Malik wells got sacked 7 times in the first half. His receivers really struggled to get separation. They had a couple of drops. And the first half, liberty got dominated up front on the line of scrimmage. And again, physical mismatch is what I say here. This is Alabama against New Mexico. This is Oregon against Wyoming. This is a game where, of course, the bigger school with better players is going to dominate the smaller school. That doesn't have as good of recruits. Liberty has a star quarterback. That's about it. And look, in the second half, almost kind of took their foot off the gas, put in some backups and they really happened was only they said, we're up 24 or 27 at points and we're just going to they're up 24 to 7 at one point. And they said, we're just going to give liberty numbers in the box, and meaning that they're going to have fewer defenders playing the run kind of forcing liberty to if they want to run any kind of competitive offense. Liberty had to run the ball. And it was fine. The British would run for like 6 yards four yards, 5 yards..

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