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Of course from bbb informatics hummel host onto the show. It is wednesday august fourth. Two thousand twenty one. We hope all is well wherever you are. We hope you're happy safe healthy and that you were having a very fulfiled hump day. Today is the last without any dallas cowboys. Games of any kind played so far this season. Yes i know. it's just a preseason but tomorrow the dallas cowboys. Our dallas cowboys. Play a game. America's team will face off against the pittsburgh steelers in the pro football hall of fame game. You can watch that game on fox. Obviously enshrinement weakened is coming lots of good times coming for jimmy johnson cliff harris andrew pearson by the by tony casillas and i did tell jimmy johnson stories rather. Tony told some and i listened on this episode of the seven five. Oh make sure you go back and listen makes you subscribe right here to the block on the boys. Podcast network collaborating rod review. If you ask a question. I promise we will answer it up. Let's get you caught up on all the latest and greatest in the world of the dallas cowboys. Which is our job here on the show and the big headline right now obviously has to do with quarterback dak prescott who did not throw again on tuesday during the cowboys ninth practice training camp. He will not play on thursday in the hall of fame game. I don't know that anybody really thought attack was gonna play even before the muscle strain but we now know what full show. Mike mccarthy took to the podium before practice on tuesday. He mentioned that the cowboys have taken a step back. I do think that it's important to say it's not like we've taken a step back. I think it's more like we're taking a step back. Mike mccarthy said that the car was still feel the same about the type of injury that dak prescott has undergone or is undergoing rather than experiencing however you want to put it but the cowboys became more conservative with the timeline after they assess things over the weekend mccarthy that after the research and looking at it the cowboys don't want to turn it into something big He noted the team's doing everything they possibly can and they're just being conservative with his rehab. We had a live show on the blog on the boys. Youtube channel on tuesday night makes shoes. Subscribe over there and tom rile. Who's been out in. Oxnard over the last couple of days Put it well. I thought this is the time of year. it's august fourth. it's august it's early august where you air on the side of caution mike mccarthy did appear on nfl network. Following tuesday's cowboys practice. And here's what he had to say about. Qb one coach you addressed the media limit earlier shared some news about that prescott and the shoulder if you could maybe just reiterate and walk us through sort of the decision and maybe how long you wanna make sure he gets to to get right before you put them back out. There definitely obviously has an injuries dealing with. And i i just think particularly the time of year we're in and where we are in our training We're just gonna kind of take a step back and then be smart with you. It's it's something that we just don't want to taint you know. Turn into something major so So you won't. You won't play thursday night in canton and we'll reassess when we get back. It is very possible that the next time dak prescott throws again in terms of practice and as far as practices concerned is next tuesday august tenth by the way that the same day that hard knocks premieres for the cowboys. The trailer did release yesterday on tuesday. It looks very good. We have it available for your blog on the boys dot com and we will have live shows available for you on the youtube channel. We will podcast those here as well if you're more of a podcast listener but it's almost hard knocks time anyway. The reason that that could be the next time that dak prescott throws is because while we mentioned. The cowboys are traveling today to head over to canton ohio. The hall of fame game is obviously tomorrow. That's thursday on friday. The cowboys obviously getting back to oxnard getting resettled. In on saturday the cowboys will have a joint practice with the los angeles rams where the status of rams quarterback matthew stafford is in doubt who sustained a thumb injury earlier this week. So it makes sense. If you are. Either mike mccarthy or sean mcvay to slow your roll with either of your franchise quarterbacks because again it is early august but it especially makes sense to do that in a practice that is going against another team you want to exercise all cautions. Although you know hey i understand if you're frustrated understand if you're whatever but ultimately everything really is fine other nudes other things to take note of on tuesday demarcus. Lawrence passed his physical and was taken off of the physically. Unable to perform aka the pup list it remains to be seen when he will be fully back and practice but a good step a positive step in the right direction for tank nonetheless. Also something very interesting on tuesday. The dallas cowboys released their unofficial. I repeat their unofficial depth chart for this preseason game against the pittsburgh steelers. Everything's pretty chalk. Everything's pretty much what we expected it to be something notable though the starting tight end is blake. Darwin look against just an unofficial depth chart. You know i'm not saying it really really really means something but it is worth mentioning none. The less michael gallup was also on. nfl network. he actually jumped on there before. Mike mccarthy on tuesday after practice and one of the more interesting things he said to me he was asked about the competition between the cowboys wide. Receivers the cowboys defensive backs. He talked about competition. Here's what michael gallup had to say but what is it like going against the dvd. They talk about ironing sharper. Nyerere and you guys have a digs. Who's a young player. Have you guys gotten the best of them this camp or have they gotten the best to you I mean honestly. I think this cam we've gotten the best. Today's discount. i our see been gone crazy. I haven't been able to go the last couple of days but cd's definitely been putting the hurting on so all our the wide receivers I think we've gotten the best of but You know good on good. That's what you like to see us like the as the competition side of and everybody likes it so the cowboys are traveling today. Again to canton. Ohio the good times are coming the dallas cowboys playing a football game tomorrow again. The dallas cowboys will play a football game. Tomorrow we'll have you covered of course all over the blog on the boys universe at the site on social media here on the podcast network on the youtube channel. In case you didn't know we will have a live show after the dallas cowboys game later on. Today we are scheduled to release a preview video for you where we tell you.

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