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Stay ahead of the virus, and it's more contagious variants. On Saturday, the University of Michigan paws all athletic activities after collecting several positive test for a variant first discovered in the UK public health officials say the current vaccine can protect Folks from the more contagious form of the virus. However, doses are in short supply across the country and continue to dwindle as states desperately try to figure out why. Shipment of the much anticipated vaccine are shrinking axes. Charles Watson reporting. They're here locally across the Austin area. 16,000 doses of vaccine are coming this way, 12,000 which you're going to Austin Public Health. Here. Steve. Other says a small fraction of eligible people have gotten vaccinated so far, but he says he has told the Biden White House, the city condole that form are quite far more quantity than it's gotten, and he's hoping that may spur the supply. I ask for your continued patience until the federal and state governments distribute more vaccine doses. We can't. We can't give away Costa's We don't We don't have the remains optimistic that by this summer, anyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one. Austin Travis County health officials explained how hospitals could benefit from one B phase one b vaccine, local health authority, Dr Mark Ask out, says people in the classifications. One be specifically those aged 65 above. Or at the most risk of death and hospitalization, which is why they're trying to get them vaccinated for covert 19 quick as we get through that group, whose highest risk for hospitalization that that threat of overwhelming the health care system may be largely resolved. Does that mean we can relax completely as a community? No, because we have lots of people who are younger than that. We could still have some stress of the hospitals. He says the area hospitals could see that threat dissipation around the March or April John Cooley News radio K O. B. J on campus classes resumed today for the Austin school District spokesman Eddie Via says keeping kids away from campus for the past couple of weeks, combined with continued mitigation effort to really paid off. We know that some good students to learn better on campus so You know, families do wish to return. Now it is safer now than it was in the past two weeks says Returning to campus is not mandatory and kids any student wants to continue learning virtually from home conduce so for the remainder of the school year and an icon in the local live music scene has died. James Wide, who founded the broken spoke, passed away over the weekend. His family says he'd recently been hospitalized for congestive heart failure, but he had returned home from the hospital. He was 81 years old. And it is 5 34 now and take a look at the roadway situation. Austin's on time traffic Watch out for slick streets..

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