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Savage in a crunch. There's no lunch rush or very little trash. And way just need to figure out how to pay bills. And now those Amazon workers will not return until January of 2021 at the earliest. It means some restaurants such as the Flying fish have temporarily closed, and others like Trattoria Cuoco and Brave Horse Tavern are now closing their doors for good. So this is a big deal for downtown and south like union here in Seattle, so there's going to be a big impact, not just on the businesses. Out on the employees and on our tax revenues here in Seattle, and as we head into the falls, so much remains up in the air. Will fans be ableto watch the Seahawks at Centurylink Field? Husky football has already canceled all of its nonconference games. Schools are still in limbo and it's anyone's guess as to win major events and gatherings such as a Bumbershoot will return. And that was called Miller reporting. We reached out to the state Health Department. Health experts say businesses are encouraged to telecommute. Those options going if possible to help spread stop the spread of the virus. Today, the state Health Department reported another big jump in new cases, 472 people tested positive, bringing the statewide total toe over 43,000. Another 17 people have died. And 41 people have been hospitalized. Out. Of nearly 734,000 Tests, 5.9% have come back positive Can county health experts say Reducing the transmission of Corona virus is crucial to safely reopening schools and right now the county's health officer says there's too much transmission for him to support bringing kids back to the classroom. A new report from the Institute for Disease Modeling shows opening schools could also impact the outbreak in the community. It's as opening schools without preventative measures could double the number of new cases in the county from September to December. Suggested counter measures include grouping students by age wearing masks and physical distancing New Tonight, the CDC confirmed the first known covert 19 death and kids Happ County happened. Back in early March. Until now, there were only two covered. 19 deaths reported in that county. Both of those patients died in April. Developing tonight some prominent Twitter accounts got hacked today. As you saw now, there's concern about future attacks were just 16 weeks away from the presidential election covers Joe Moreno live tonight with how this scam was meant to manipulate people. Compressed in the crooks were after Bitcoin. The damage was pretty minimal but posing as influential people to dupe their social media followers that could have far more sinister out comes down the road. A message started making its way across Twitter. Soliciting donations that could then be doubled was part of a covert relief, but it was part of a Bitcoin scam. The hacked accounts included Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon, Musk and others. Before Twitter shut it down. The unidentified crooks netted about $118,000 in Cryptocurrency. It was was an absolutely a dumb move, and here's why the financial take from this is nearly in significant, cybersecurity expert Mike Hamilton says. What is significant? Is the potential of using high profile accounts to influence followers into a course of action. It could have been weaponized much, much more effective way of my you know, Preferred outcome was to you know, affect election Twitter called it a social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted so of our employees with access to internal systems and tools. And goes on to say We've taken significant steps to limit access to internal systems and tools. While our investigation is ongoing. How did these guys come by this tool? Why would somebody pulled the trigger like this? To make such a pathetic amount of money? Is that really a statement? Somebody sending? Is this a foreshadowing of tactics? We don't know, but I just think the noise level is going to go way up. Twitter's locked down after the hack that does appear to be lifted. It seems like the APP is working. The lesson here is to not totally trust everything you see online. Active tonight. People continue to gather at this memorial for bottle Police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. This is a look at all the flowers, balloons, candles and other tributes. People have left toe honor Officer Jonathan Shoop. A second officer was released from Harbor View Medical Center yesterday. Tonight. The man accused of pulling the trigger, or Henry Washington is being held without bail. Investigators say he fired shots into the police cruiser killing officer Shoop. Court records show. He called another police department in Kansas and confessed to the shooting, Washington's mother tells Come on news. Her son lives in Waco, Texas, and was visiting the Seattle area. She says her son is a history of mental illness and was off his medication. Washington is now facing several charges, including first degree murder right now. Seattle police are investigating a stabbing downtown that sent one man to the hospital. Witnesses told police two men were fighting on the sidewalk there. Third and union Just before the stabbing happened. Officials say the man stabbed has non life threatening injuries. No arrests have been made. 11 The man accused of setting fire to Seattle Police Department's East Precinct is now facing a federal arson charge. Fire was caught on camera as you can see here before the chop zone was dismantled on Capitol Hill last month. Police arrested Isaiah Willoughby. Investigators say some of his Facebook post directed anger at police. This is the third federal case linked to the recent protests. The driver accused of driving into a crowd of protesters and shooting a man on Capitol Hill. Pleaded not guilty today. Nicholas Fernandez is charged with first degree assault. Fernandez's lawyer says his client shot in self defense The man who was shot survived The Seattle City Council continues to deliberate on whether to fund the Police Department and how right now seven of nine council members support the effort. The council is working with several groups, including de criminalized Seattle, They proposed eliminating data driven policing the North Precinct SWAT funding the navigation team. Police recruiting and a reduction in patrol and administrative staffing. I really have to get out of this paradigm of believing criminalization. Our response to harm with armed officers is the appropriate response. We know that it's not Dear Jenny Derek and is asking for a 5% where a $20 million cut for the remainder of 2020 But council members are asking for more this year and at least 50% for next year. The council will finalize your proposal on August 3rd. Come a new spoke one on one with Seattle police chief Carmen Best Today she's pushing back against the City Council, saying the council's being hasty best told us that a 50% budget cuts this.

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