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Of us, I would guess are living really different lives than we lived before the pandemic in a lot of ways, too big and small. And that's manifesting across the economy, including in how we shop. Jason point with so many people staying home and slippers or socks or maybe barefoot on a no shoe sales are way off and his marketplaces Marielle Segarra reports changes in consumer behavior like that. Play out in the economy and in neighborhoods. I met this shoe store in Brooklyn the other day, when I see a display of black leather ballet flats, and they kind of stopped me in my tracks. The store's called Sola and the owner, Rick Lee is showing me around. When we come upon the flats, they're the kind women used to wear to the office perfectly appropriate. Moderately uncomfortable a mainstay of business casual. I'm looking at the issues and I'm thinking I'm not going to be buying anything like that anytime until I have to go back to the office. Yeah, Value flat. Business is very slow right now. So I asked him. How long has he had these basically gonna go covert. Store sales are down 60% year over year. There's less of a need for people that dress up, go to work or go anywhere, really. And even people who might like to buy new shoes can't necessarily afford them. Right now. It's very tenuous. And not just for shoes Sellers. There's a shoe repair shop right across the street. When I walk in the owner, Joseph Davidoff is standing behind a glass case filled with brushes and polish. The wall is lined with ticking clocks. He fixes those two Used to open up shop at 8. A.m. and People used to wait in front of my shop, and I used to be upsetting myself like I'm a minute later, five minutes late, and there's two people waiting now between 8 A.m. and nine AM There's nobody His sales are down by 70%. What are the reasons I'm able to survive? My landlord has reduced to rent They know each other. He's been attendant there for 10 years, and he says his landlord probably doesn't want the shop to sit empty. Half a mile away in an.

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