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Yeah. Have like Ivar dunking butt Shack. S moment right in Spanish stunts in a movie right? You know yeah we're going to do fake shit. Yes. The best part of the best part was Sasha was smoking. Yeah you get. Did you see what she wore? Oh my god. Did you see her being stretched out on the inside? Said that it was being a threat. Oh my God! Some trainer. He would have been her version. Toyota. She was being a stretch like moaning. She's like oh he has. He's stretching her. Like if you play it on a loop you could finish. No, my point is dead. Yes she was barefoot. Yes. Yes. Been nice. Speaking of busting nuts. Sunny AKA Tammy. The 6th. Yeah. I feel like we're back in 2015. Yeah back when she was in the news every week right. Sunday. Tammy the snitch. She's back on onlyfans. Yeah and she's looking for some coat stars to be in her videos. Come on with you all know this is Joe pezzano spot here. I actually applied I was chosen. Yeah she sent me the waiver yeah and let me read it to you, okay. You are fucking at your own risk who knowing that she has the following. It's just all of them. Right? What the stitches. Yeah. But sit at home is all and thus it is for Life obviously, just kidding. But yeah. Eric said it's amazed like joke. Take one for the city and I was like sure, why dog? Sure. Why not? Now I have to say she looks worse than ever does she? Yeah, I mean, I wasn't sure. You know, I haven't really has been in jail still though like, Who's like your favorite of? All time of anything, you have a woman, human of all time, like hottest, okay? Let me just go and Stacy his face. You know, why not would have been Stacy got what stage? Well, she has fifty-five now. Probably not 55. Let's say Stacy was fifty-five. Yeah, and got way out of shape. Oh, that's the know if it's sunny, is a whole nother level like white trash ugly. Now, here's you still nice, but she's just chunky. You wouldn't just say chubby like State like a seat by. Like Sony's, chubby, how old is Sonny? I don't know, I like your age. I'm just saying she was like oh you know, like she was. Yeah, but I was like a kid who's in her forties. Yeah, they might both be in the. Yeah. Maybe she's a little older but still off. But I don't know, man. The son, he's like you can't. She's 48 Sunny. There you go. She's Forty-Eight. So no for me dawg. It's a no for me dawg. Preview for her sex tape alone. Like I just watching that Stacy's younger. Wow 41! Yeah! Wow. And she still looks amazing. Sure. Sure. The shame she's not looking for co-stars. All right, rumor time hit the music. There's no music, no, rumors, Finn Balor, more people to join the English Club maybe. So I've seen in their Brock know that's like a first one. That's going to work a full schedule. Okay. So many will be in Saudi Arabia, confirm that I missed the Kevin Owens, 170 ones will be, I don't even fucking remember on this thing. Anyway, spiteful is reporting that Sony event will be adding yourself to the Money in the Bank ladder match them..

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