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Oh that's so great will go out on the song the comedians by elvis castillo at the end but i i just have one more question for you before we before. We wrap things out if that's okay <hes> i wanna know so as as somebody we're we're here. We're talking about the solo album that you've made the invisible late acoustic space almond. We're also talking about this incredible body of work that you've that you've produced <hes> and people make art because because they have things that they need and want to say <hes> and i'm wondering if being a producer who facilitates helping other people say what they need to say a ever gets in the way of of you needing or of you having that outlet to say what you need to say or if we can read anything into where you're you're at in your life where you're it seemed to be really making space for yourself to get your message out well. I think i've i've always been ambivalent about <hes> <hes> the notion of public performance <hes> and i never i didn't have that need read that particular need to get out in and be a public performer but i will say at this point in my life i have gathered a lot of information and i see some things very clearly and it's it's crucial to me to say these things now before before i slept this mortal coil you see so yeah. I'm going ah i haven't put out a record for eleven years and i'm gonna put out three double albums in the next twelve months. Hopefully you know up just finished up the second one and getting it ready to release in the fall and then i hope to have another one out in the in the in the next spring and that'll be the third edition of this of this series this invisible light series and i'm just gonna keep going with that. It may turn into five or seven records. I don't know how how much it's i don't know when it's going to stop but i do. I do feel the need to to summarize. I guess my my long experience handsome all of this we look forward to hearing all of it and we're going to go out on the comedians the song that you mentioned by elvis costello t-bone burnett it has been such a delight to talk to you. Thank he's so much so great to talk with you. Here we go so surf garbage cardiac come to answer and all these new fare founded winston says to spread screwed so elvis costello with the comedians. That song was chosen by our guest t-bone burnett. His latest album is called the invisible double light acoustic space. He is a brilliant musical mind. Jeez louise thank you so much t. bone for being here to talk on the show and thanks to our world cafe producer john meyers for all of his work on at this session. I'm talia slender and you're listening to the world cafe from n._p._r. Kylo listened upon inspection last spring yeah..

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