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McCain. I really can't say when I feel like, but I guess when the recognition started to come in. Of had a little relief. Like, maybe I am. And I just got a shot Mary stayed within. I really thankful for that. Okay. So he's not really sure. But he's he knows he's good. Now. I mean, really again, his sixteen six a couple of other guys are tied with the most assistant at tournament game since eighty four you have to go back to eighty seven in the final four UNLV. Mark Wade had eighteen assists that leads the way. But the point he created in the last ten NCAA tournament. He created fifty five points. That's the most. So I mean, he is a again, you we don't we didn't see a lot of them were just hearing about him. Now, I heard even Charles Barkley saying listen, I didn't hear about this kid. We didn't hear about this kid, you know, until later on when you're starting to put his name in with some of the top guys in draft. And then you're like, well, wait a minute. I see this guy and seeing is believing. I think everybody would believe now. Yeah. And John marines. Triple double is the MVP moment of the week, which is brought to you by sportclips sportclips cut the weight, download the news sport clips haircut app and check in so John Moran delivered. And there were some other games that delivered in crazy fashion, including the Auburn game, which was just an incredible finish against New Mexico state. If you didn't see it Auburn was in control for most of the game. Then they sort of lead up down the stretch. And what happened on the final play the game almost defies belief. It was a triple dip of weight. You did what wait you did? What? Wait, you did what it was unbelievable. It was really incredible. Auburn had this game. Had they were up seven with under a minute to go. So a six seconds ago. AJ Harris is dribbling the length of the floor and with about two three two or three seconds ago. He dribbles by everybody has an uncontested lap. This would have tied the game with about two seconds ago. He does this little curl pass out to Terrell Brown who standing outside three point line. Figuring a three is gonna win. It could've tied the thing with two seconds ago. Would they wide open? Layup kicks it out to Brown for the three. Brown shoots at misses it, but gets fouled. So what there's what two seconds ago, and he's got three free throws. He misses the first one makes the second one. So it's a one point game. They're down misses the third but the ball goes out of bounds to New Mexico state. So they get another chance with a one point one second ago was go to travel and queer Queen for actually the he got a great look at a three a great look at a three that would have won the game in the air ball that they lost. But the opportunities they had, but that has got to be kicking himself for not taking that wide open layup. Yeah. And you mentioned this before the show that's a team that attempts the eighth or ninth breeze threes in the country. So they're used to that. But man off off a drive to an open layup with two seconds to go to tie the game. What was that feeling? We get all the time watching college football where we go, man. College kickers like making a boneheaded mistake missing something easy. Those two plays side by side. You sat there trying to figure out which was worse in that moment. Like that was the ultimate college athletics. Reminder of these guys are kids. These are not professionals who are always going to be as well versed in these situations as everybody else because of time restraints us all that stuff. It all served, but it is still maddening to watch. Yeah. Just seeing them give up what looked like an easy tying layup and the kid passes under the kick it out to the three. So Auburn dodgers that and then they foul the guy on the three it was it was absolutely incredible. And here was Bruce Pearl after the game. I.

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