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All right. Next up, I got skip Bayless and Stephen Smith, we hear him come on for years. Let's get it over with it, but there's a kind of a name discrepancy there. All right. All right. Get a spatula next up. We've seen them fight in the movies. Let's see him fight for real Williams. Abkah and Ralph Maccioni. The final of the all valley crime. Good one one micrometer event and Lena jelly and Jennifer. Aniston we got a subtle yet who's t shirt. I want to sell tickets. What side are you on? One side is team. I think I'm on team Joey just because I think I have a better chance of sleep with her that I do jet real quick spoiler for that one, though, it's going to be like, Kim, Bo shamrock the commission at the stop in and stop this fight. Last minute you'll Lee was performing a blood ceremony in the back and broke skin. Now the Commissioner supports go ahead and then my main event, how could you not go Trump Putin. Did you Putin's judoka? He's crushing Trump. I think the other one with skip Bayless and Stephen f. one main event was marshmallow versus dead mouse, but they gotta wear the hat. Puff harsh moment, DJ marshmallow known. Billboard up in Vegas. I remember the first time I saw it. I was like, holy shit. I'm getting old DJ called Marcello. Stuff that haven't heard of marshmallow. All right. We have tried with Bryan caraway and we've struck out I've reached out as well. So we'll see what happens he gave the offer, hey, can come in studio next week. But right. That was happening. Are other interview had fallen apart? So I was like, no, we need something for tomorrow. Pliono the next week can be a backup plan. Come in goes, but you know, we want to talk about this match with Pedro, Munoz and the way I describe it to the editors and the other writers and goes and Dan and everybody else was the moon caraway fight. Both guys really need this win. It's a big fight for them because with I mean, there's there's literally align at at dillashaw stores up crews. He's ready to come back and mariah's in a sons how both have excellent cases, although does have that head to head win. But there's just, you know, some really great Batum weights that are right around the corner else's definitely been fighting well. But he if he gets past caraway. Sorry, I should put it like this. Whatever loses probably has about a two year setback. And I don't know of caraway can afford that because he's getting into his mid thirties, heating, his wins a big, big fight phone. And Munos maybe his be about eighteen months just because there's so many guys. Remember if a any point dillashaw loses. Garbrandt player. Yeah. Again, you know, especially if Cruz were to be the guy that beats. Dillashaw, but I really love that ban and we division it's it's Lineker's player right now for sure. Yeah. Good turn and don't forget that dillashaw Suharto I'm not saying that I want to see it, but I thought it gets shot down locked bass than it did, and I'm not so sure that that it's completely out of the speaker that division. I like that stamina algebra sterling fight, man. That's a great fighting that's next week. And those guys have been beef and they gotta get good on the Mike in the post fight interview because there's so much going on that they really have to stand division stack. Dude. Yeah, Jimmy Rivera next week to, I mean, there's some bantamweight Feis next. Remember the early bantamweight divisions like you know, of most American audience by be WC introducing underway with Ed guys, Antonio Benguela was like on like it was like one of the mainstays of that division. Like, do you remember when Chuck Ladele said he was talking about me whether and he said, I got a bantamweight lives with me hundred thirty, five pounds of the lives with me that can beat up Floyd Mayweather in the street or in an enemy fight. He was talking about Tony bellows. Yeah, Charles's roommate? Okay. The Gregor. Do you know that UC to twenty nine. Winner lose..

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