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Spend sixty to seventy hours a week. Police chief from city consider myself to be hands-on deputy chief Foster's office is just a few feet away from. But he didn't exactly promise a top to bottom review of the department. When we allow an isolated incident the causes competence. Refused to do that. But to actually know whether it's an isolated incident you probably have to dig deeper, which is why it's worth pointing out Foster's nephew told prosecutor. The deputy chief was helping the marijuana for seven years federal investigation into deputy. Chief foster lasted all of four months enough time to get him off the street and into prison not enough to actually answer the question if the number two in the department is running a drug ring what else is going on. You're listening to the California report magazine, I'm Sasha coca and on this week show. Reporter Robert Louis is looking at corruption in the Fresno police department one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the state. Robert, you know, one of the things that's amazing to me is. I'm listening to your story is that this foster case, it's it's the kind of scandal that would bring down so many other leaders. How did chief dire not suspect something I mean, it wasn't only the money problems? I understand there were other questions like allegations that fosters sexually harassed another cop's wife even child abuse allegations that came out during Foster's divorce there were investigations into the sexual harassment and child abuse, and he was cleared but taken together, it seems like there should have been deeper scrutiny. And as we've said, we both spent months trying to get chief dire to do an interview with us. But he refused. He did speak to some graduate students from the UC Berkeley school of journalism last year for a story about racial disparities in policing. But he did so only on the condition. They not ask him about the foster case. No, no. I think you guys asked I think you guys asked about everything. Other. There's other things you could have asked. And I'm glad you didn't. But I already hopefully shared with them. Why wasn't going to reopen that wound either? But but this isn't the only wound right? Robert. I mean, I know dire called fosters arrest an isolated incident was it. No. It wasn't more than a dozen Fresno. Police officers have been arrested in recent years, including some big corruption busts. There was a Fresno drug unit investigated for allegedly running a stolen car parts ring. There was a vice detective convicted in federal court for taking bribes to help major drug dealer, and there was a cartel connected. Cop found with methods house. He was allowed to stay on the force only to be caught years later with a stolen truck outfitted, the smuggle drugs that officer was finally fired and is now facing criminal charges and local court now, I mean, I understand there were a lot of questions about the way those cases were handled and if anything was ever done after them to change things. I mean, this is a city that spent a decade even debating whether or not the police. Needed an independent auditor. And the position doesn't exactly have a lot of sway for example after Foster's arrest. The auditor recommended more financial disclosure, especially for officers seeking promotions. It just didn't happen retired. Lieutenant Dennis Montano is former head of internal affairs. He agreed to speak to me on the outskirts of the city Montana was Frank in his assessment the department too often treat corruption cases isolated incidents..

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