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Was Listen. There were ah lot of things that went wrong. All we need is this little bit. You don't have to find all of the things that went wrong. Just do your job, very small, tiny bit and we'll be in business here. That's kind of the take away that I had. Matt Bear has a look at the roads Hammer on the North side crash Westbound 4 65 just east of it. 65 right now. Left Lane closed, Okay and bad delay banked up to ditch road here at the moment. Vehicle Fire cleared on the northwest side. North Bound 65 north of 4 65 traffic sponsored by fresh thyme market Stop by first time this week for Atlantic salmon filets 5 £99 now through January, 5th get ready for better efforts Time market real healthy foods, real affordable prices. I've man bear followers on Twitter for instant traffic updates and wi VC traffic. Clear skies and 40 degrees at the American Standard Heating Weather Center at 93. W. E. B C. You're listening to the Hammer and Nigel Show 93. W I. B. C Hammer. Here It's the Hammer and Nigel Show Big Nige is out. Let's go to the drive you board dot com hotline. Bring on Kevin Bowen from our sister Sports station. 1075 fan, KB Every damn game of March Madness Right here in our backyard. I can get with this. I could get with that every year. Selfishly devout is with the hammer, but I love it. You know, I think it's obviously tremendous for our city, local community and I'm glad that they're going up to West Lafayette in Bloomington. You know, you think about college towns that have been hit So hard as well, Um, you know, throughout this past year, at times the end to is very low hanging fruit, and.

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