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Anthony smith closed the show with a first round submission win over ryan span. This is one way traffic from start to finish. Have these books tremendous and we didn't get to really hear first half of his post fight interview with michael things but he was fired up. Called alexander rackets seems like racquet zinn for that and i think we gotta fight bruin for maybe december probably in a main event of a fight. Night carts or sean will begin with you. Anthony smith this guy as we talked about on our preview show he's experienced the highest highs the lowest of lows not just the fcc but all around the country around the world's doing the damn thing for a long time to see this guy you know in tough spots couple bad losses comeback win three in a row the way he has. What are your thoughts on lionheart. What he's been doing what he did tonight to ryan spin man. I mean i just what a unique cat. He is right like what unique character he is for his. I think casey maybe you said something about this tonight. Of just how unique. His road has been and sort of everything that he's gone through and it the honesty that sort of brings to all of it right like he always feels like very genuine when he's speaking. I absolutely adore. Would he has been able to do over the last year. He they keep throwing him. These tough tough up and comers and he's not complaining and he just keeps beaten them back with a ferocity and with an ease. That is just consistently impressive like tonight. It was absolutely fantastic and at this point he has now five first round finishes since two thousand eighteen as time with luke gave for the most in the afc during that stretch and he just quietly goes about his business and does this sort of thing man like there were talking about today on the broadcast about him growing into the light heavyweight division and like the actual size that he's been gaining things like that and you can really tell like he was shown tonight like what he has done over the past year and change since he lost that really terrible fight against wreckage coming back against all these young comers building his body up to this division just taking on these challenges and doing it in a workmanlike fashion but also just on the side really still improving like we call them such a veteran right out fifty two fights or something like that but he still gets better every time we see him out there. He's tough as all nails. And i just love the chip that he's carrying on his shoulder right now like the saltiness and we saw it come out right after he won because he's absolutely right he still doesn't get that respect for whatever reason it is and i wonder if a large part of it is just the record of you see some a guy with sixteen losses. You kind of assume he's probably not you know one of the best in the world but it's just that record is so deceiving because so many of those losses were so much earlier in his career. He was a different person back then. He deserves so much more respect than he gets in this light-heavyweight division he genuinely at this point is probably like one win away from really fighting for that title against whoever comes out of that mix. I absolutely love it and i love that. He booked his next fight. Indicates basically with that reimagined racket. I thought it was a ten out of ten night for anthony. Anthony spoke out agree and aka. Wh what's funny about this. People look at the wreckage fight. And i feel like that was the big downfall. Dow's the one where you have to look in the mirror. In readjusted a lot of people look at the glove to share a fight but a lot of people forget that and the i like eight minutes of that fight against glover p- people were saying like this is the best anthony smith. We've seen like the way. He was thrown volume and moving around a lot of quickness he just got burnt himself out and then go over took over and then we remember what happened after the fact. That fight should have been stopped. Should have not been stop. Who's to blame. The referee of the coaches yada yada yada. But this man just looked himself in the mirror. Got back after it and now look at them. Three wins in a row. A big fight with rackets v. Wins that like sean. Said he's a very good position especially now the john jones is no longer in the light heavyweight division. Could this guy be fighting for a title in the next year. Is this possible. Could we be seeing anthony. Smith fight for a light heavyweight title this by this time in twenty twenty two yup. What's not to like. He's a company man. He does broadcasting for the ufc. He finishes fights they trust him as a main inventor. he's main invented. How many. I think like unless he's on he's main invented seven fight nights in a row or something like five or six six six. That can't count seven seven flights and plus an and you'll see two thousand five. He did humane it against john john so he's also made offensive. He's a very well liked trusted name in the promotion. He's very professional. He's great on the mike when he's not swearing. I mean i don't know if you guys sleep on. Espn but up here. In canada his words were a little too sensitive for our sensors and we heard almost nothing but he was worked out that he was obviously very emotional. And that's another thing people like so he wears heartlessly. You got said he's honest. We we feel like we know anthony. Smith is and that's a big a big thing for the espn when they're trying to market somebody so yeah especially with john. Jones picture has mentioned There's no reason he can't be one impressive performance away from a from a title fight. It's he kind of goes with greenwich discussion. We were having before of like when guys lose fights like his losses to rocket has lost its share. We focused on the negatives refocused on. Oh man he's like you said the last three rounds of the fight with the share not the first two rounds and it's like losing glittered share l class by over to share. It is not ashamed. Sharon is an elite light-heavyweight. I'd say maybe one of the ten best light heavyweights of all time. There's no shame in that rockets is up and comer. He's his way to title shot as well and john jones john john so losing to these guys not make you a bad fighter. There's certainly holes that you see expose and reasons to think this guy you know. Fix them some things up. But he's clearly still good enough to beat a certain tier of competition and beat them but l. classroom. This is three first round finishes now including the recruit injury so yeah. It's not unreasonable. At all that he'd been fighting for a title is that the number one choice is the number one choice for a lot of fans out there. Maybe not but again the way this guy fights finishes people. He's kind of taking that choice out of other people's hands and he's put it back in his own hands. And that's what's great about right real real quick one of the thing too. I wanna add just to follow up on that. Do what i find. Most impressive about his whole story at this point in particular is just like you look back maybe like four or five years ago right when he first started at the smith really. I started coming up in the ether and we started being aware of who he was in his name in the anticipating fights and he was winning those fights but he was winning those fights in such a different fashion than he's winning. Now right like you go back to the andrew sanchez. the hector lombard where he's getting his ass kicked for basically the entirety of it and then his just as heart really them through in the final minutes or any polls off some late comeback or something like that. That's not always winning anymore. Like you look at these last three. All three of them first round finishes in all three of them just thorough in their domination. And even like you said ak the first couple of rounds of Sherifi which also very thorough in anthony's favor like he has really become a complete fighter under our noses in. It's so much fun to watch compared to where he was just even three or four years ago. Casey your thoughts and the main event in one thing that kinda drowsy a little crazy. And i'm glad anthony smith gets the main events in the in the money and stuff but return to the matches hit so much harder when people in the arena doesn't knock ac. I mean good. Lord came out for the jimmy crude fight. It woke me up. I was ready to go. I was like yes fans. This is awesome. This tremendous to hear it. Come out in the apex. It's just not the same when eighteen people are clapping for you like it's not the same. I honestly our i kind of miss either. Do know fans or i kind of agreement. Dana on this either fans or kind of or at least half capacity or something and it was like fifteen people..

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