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To fifty pounds of groceries and is good for about thirty miles someone charge but and gadgets Dana Wollman says the company isn't getting rid of the human factor just yet I think an important cabbie ought to remember is that although these are autonomous robots and although this seems to be the first permit of its kind in there do you have to be human operators within a certain number of feet but she says that's not unusual when testing driverless vehicles it would seem to match testing conventions for autonomous vehicles and that in the early stages and even continuing into the present there's often a human up there in the front ready to intervene and take action if the car itself doesn't make the right decision post mates currently has a permit to test the robots on the streets of San Francisco with tech trends I'm on a roll of Iraq ABC news the local police department has a solution to the internet age prank called swatting call was very kind it's explains what it is when someone calls nine one one and lies to police about a fake crime under way and provides a real address of an innocent person earlier this year the armored woman was the victim of swatting really really since last October Seattle police of captain anti swatting registry wired dot com says it lets people who fear being swatted give the police advance warning of an officer or swat team is dispatched to that address the see the profile and take the right steps while the system is preventative catching the person behind the fake call remains a difficult task Erica it's common use common.

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