Elaine Chao, Wall Street Journal, State Department discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Reelection next year that politico dot com. Reporting follows reporting from the New York Times that Elaine Chao had also tried to get the State Department to arrange meetings for her family members with Chinese government officials Elaine Chao family owns a shipping company that does a ton of business with the Chinese government when she was about to visit China for the first time as Trump's transportation secretary she according to the New York Times called the US embassy in Beijing. To try to get them to arrange for her family members to sit in on meetings with Chinese government officials, while her family is doing business with the Chinese government. It was so wildly inappropriate as a request. It calls it caused the embassy in Beijing to contact State Department headquarters in Washington to say. What do you what do we? Seriously? I don't think that's exactly how they phrased it. But you get the ethics officials also reportedly alerted at both the department of transportation and the State Department ultimately after those ethics officials were alerted to what she was trying to do. Elaine Chao called off that trip. But that is not the first time since she has been Trump's transportation secretary that she has reportedly tried to hook up her family members and their business in politically sensitive ways, and that follows reporting from the Wall Street Journal that although Elaine Chao was told by US ethics officials that she had to divest from the country's largest supplier of wrote, making materials, which is not artificial out. Right, literally, she is the secretary of transportation, she's in charge of building roads. So that person can't be personally financially invested in the country's biggest road-building company because of that very obvious conflict of interest. She was told to divest from that company, she signed an ethics agreement saying, she would divest from that company. But then the Wall Street Journal recently reported she did not. She did not. And she continued to hold stock in that company as she has been serving as the transportation secretary hundreds of. Thousands of dollars worth of stock in that company, while at the same time her every utterance about infrastructure and road building and the potential priorities of the transportation department would goose the stock price of that company in which she holds tons of stock. The Elaine Chao growing ethics and corruption. Scandals would be would be amazing on their own even for the Trump cabinet. Right. Which is a very specific level of that's a threshold. I mean Pruitt price Zinke, Alex IB anyway, it would be a big deal. Those corruption scandals even just for the Trump cabinet, but because she is also married to the Republican leader of the Senate. And because he's implicated in some of this stuff. He has been given millions of dollars by Elaine. Chao father. As Elaine Chao has used her position as transportation secretary to boost her father's business in China. Right. He has been, he has personally benefitted from that to the tune of millions of dollars. Because the Elaine Chao corruption. Scandals are not just a Trump cabinet scandal, because they are also scandals that have proven to be of direct financial benefit to the top Republican in the Senate. This is this is bad. This is in this is back in a few different ways so far, the containment effort via lane Chow, and Mitch McConnell on this has been to try to laugh, it off play it all down. Assure everybody that this is no big deal in these allegations. Don't even bother them at all. Well, the Wall Street Journal reports tonight that Elaine Chao has now, finally actually sold off her gigantic stake in the building company from which she has been profiting, as recently as this month as secretary of transportation. So apparently, all this reporting did bug them a little mater, finally sell off that stock. But this, this is just one of those amazing days where like the news, a won't stop and be it keeps driving home, the same point over and over again. I mean when it comes to using your public position for private gain today, the Washington Post was first to report that the president and his family just pocketed, a few million dollars from the sale of this property in Beverly Hills, California. Now, it's obviously a very nice place. It's apparently like five thousand square feet..

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