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The fourth one? Great question. I mean, I think maybe by default, I guess I would say Clemson, but I don't I don't feel a huge level of confidence in that pick. Sometimes I was thinking about the other day because I was actually having this conversation a couple of weeks ago and I went through the same thought process as you did. Okay, let's pencil in Ohio State, Alabama and Georgia, who's left. And I thought, is it possible? I know, it's unlikely that is it possible that the SEC could get three teams in a 14 playoff this year. I think it is. Let's say Texas a and M is only lost to Alabama. Let's say Georgia runs the table. Through the regular season and loses only to Alabama and the SEC championship, you'd have undefeated Bama. You'd have one loss Texas a and M, you'd have one loss Georgia, wouldn't that be interesting to see what the committee would do then. Obviously, if you have under the undefeated choices in other conferences, then it becomes a moot point in the SEC wouldn't get three. In. But I do think it is pretty murky as you move past those three frontrunners that you just mentioned there. I mean, I don't think Oklahoma is a shoe in as we felt sometimes in the preseason and years past out west, no one really stands up head and shoulders. So I think sort of by process of elimination, I guess I would probably go with Clemson as that 14. Yes, I think it's absolutely possible. And if you want Blake, if you want to expand the playoff as soon as humanly possible, just put three SEC teams in there. We thought that, though, with two in, and we've seen that now twice in a 5 year span. So yeah, I mean, the PAC 12 and the big 12 had their chance that ensuring a spot in the party and they got hoodwinked by the Big Ten and declining to vote for that. And as we see in the end, that alliance really had, it failed because it had no real collective objective other than to sort of turn up a middle finger at the SEC, but there was no real clear cut goal of that alliance. And as it turns out, it turned out to be a smokescreen that the Big Ten could work behind and plundering USC and UCLA. That's why a lower case a alliance between Notre-Dame and the SEC. I think it has a chance to work is they do have common goals. They do have objectives that they can work toward being that they both want Notre-Dame to stay independent and that's obviously Notre-Dame's priority and I think it stands to reason the SEC would prefer that as well. And then one a playoff with as many at large spots as possible. They both want that. So that's why I think the lower case alliance between Notre-Dame and SEC could stand a much better chance of success than the Nick failed upper case alliance. Blake top Meyer, you said today. Thank you so much, man. We appreciate it. We'll see you in a week. Thanks for having me on. Awesome. Always a pleasure there, Blake top Meyer. At the top Meyer, of course, from the USA Today network. Your phone calls 855-242-7285. My name is Braden Gaul. This is the Paul finebaum show on ESPN radio. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb Joe podcast. Paul Feynman show here on ESPN radio Wednesday edition, big 12 media days underway, talking season. What did conference commissioner new conference commissioner Bret your rook had to say? We'll talk about that in just a few minutes. Spring goal in for Paul at Brad and gall on Twitter 855-242-7285 also the list of ACC players is out that will be at ACC media day, so we'll get to them as well. Andy from Montgomery though wants to chime in. Andy, welcome to the Paul fine bomb show, buddy. How are you? Hey, man. I'm doing great. You're doing a good job, man. Your guess was spot on what he had to say. I see Clemson and probably less than ten years being part of the conference and not only clips and I think Florida state got a chance. Sneak in there too. I think Florida states school this kind of under the radar, but I mean, it's that talent rich area and wouldn't it wouldn't be nothing to see Florida and Florida state rematch, but in the SEC, both SEC teams, I think that would be awesome. With all that being said though, I don't think there's a fan out here though when you're listening audience that would really miss Missouri, leaving the conference. What's your take on that? I talked about this yesterday. Thank you for the call, Andy. I do think that it depends on when this is all happening. The SEC wants nothing to do with expansion right now for now. If the grant of rights in the ACC gets blown up in 12 years, let's say, when it's close to the end of its run and we're headed towards two major super conferences that are 20 14s, then yes, then I think it is North Carolina, Virginia tech Clemson, Florida state that joined the SEC. I would love to see Oklahoma state as a part of that, but who knows? Missouri is interesting and I floated this. I think we talked about this yesterday on the show. I think Missouri is interesting. There is no way to remove a team from your league, legally from what I am from what I understand. You can't just vote out Vanderbilt. I think I don't know if that's even legal. But what I do think could be interesting is if Missouri and the SEC had some mutual agreement where the Missouri said, hey, the Big Ten kind of wants us. We can make just as much money in the Big Ten. Maybe they want Kansas two and we can reunite with one of our rivals and sort of beat we act a little bit more like a Midwest school than we do at a southeastern school anyway. Would you be okay if we decided to date other people? I think that's the only way it works is if the SEC and the school itself were to agree on something, then I think it's possible that it could work at the same time, why would anyone walk away from SEC money and SEC branding and stability? And the ability to recruit. Again, this is the question I ask Arkansas fans all the time. South Carolina fans all the time. If you had it to do over again, would you trade all of the hundreds of millions of dollars you make in the SEC over the last 30 years for being a championship contender every year in the big 12 or maybe South Carolina joined the

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