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Can recover governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton bowl filed briefs with the court in support of keeping tensely alive Cory Olson reporting from Houston I'm Sally Adams market minute addition of our series on companies to watch in the year ahead we look at lululemon one company in retail but I can say truly moving forward whether it's the product side whether it's digital side innovation and also abroad Bloomberg intelligence analyst Poonam Goyle says it's no stretch to say that the yoga wear maker is on track to post double digit profit gains this year and beyond their plant there could double their sales and manned by twenty twenty three and to grow revenue low team for the next five years that's pretty impressive in an environment of brick and mortar the really twenty bling will also sees greater potential in areas such as personal care and footwear but she says it comes down to products that people love them when you wear it I mean you could give it a number of great because they really to hold off and the quality the faith it's just more comfortable you can feel like you can have that in the flat it works lululemon one of Bloomberg businessweek's companies to watch in twenty twenty Gina survey Bloomberg rate a couple of issues aside to live together for one discounted for flight go in an accident to the left flank steak in a way that's having a bit of a headache Sampedro caller thank you for that update and then inside for ten south bound between lakeside parkway in Marbach be mindful that stretches completely shut down for construction activity Ben Martin newsradio twelve hundred W. away I.

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