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Don't have to buy any raffle tickets at all right now talk a little bit about the founding organization here though the soldiers for jesus you are a christian organization talk a little bit about your roots in what you guys do well we've been one of the longest standing christian motorcycle clubs in colorado and with we're an outreach to the local motorcycle club community and we provide just a an opportunity to develop relationships with some of the club members here in colorado springs and actually throughout the nation club extends actually worldwide but as we develop those relationships we come alongside those that are in other clubs and it's just an outreach ministry outreach for us to kind of show the love of jesus to them through just the relationships that we develop you can get together you guys have big hearts out there when you think about the the motorcycle clubs they got a bad rap a few years ago with all of the gangs and violence but that's not really what you guys are about to talk a little bit about what motorcycle clubs are really about and how anybody on motorcycle can get involved absolutely motorcycle clubs range in a broad spectrum from veterans to a local one one percent clubs and with those it's basically a group of an organization of people that are dedicated to those organizations and they just make that commitment and that's where the motorcycle club kind of comes in is that they're more of a commitment and participate in similar in like activities in the other's company so obviously they like to hang around each other and they just make that commitment to stand by their brothers side and so you get that overall commitment and i think that it's been founded in the veterans which is kind of the the initiation of some of the earlier clubs is those folks that came back for more and found that brotherhood camaraderie in battle that came back and really wanted to continue to establish that relation this relationship so similar interests people get together and make a commitment to each other and enjoy riding motorcycles is always the focal point of a lot of it yes talk a little bit more about that do you guys meet up often to ride motorcycles around town do you make you know a certain goal that you want to do a certain amount of times well we we normally have a couple of events and plus we support all of the local events here in colorado and colorado springs specifically from the swap meets to cripple creek veterans rally will have boosts set up where we just hand out items and develop again and continue to develop those relationships and we go on local rights as well so the fundraisers the toy drives of those local charity events that are typically throughout the year so we participate in those most of those activities as well very nice those those motorcycle clubs you see out there they're doing a lot of good for the community and fun way that we can get involved and see what you guys are up to if you're just riding a motorcycle you're not part of a club or if you are part of another club this appreciation day this motorcycle club appreciation day you're welcoming anybody and everybody absolutely if you ride a motorcycle it's it's a clever appreciation david if you ride motorcycle and you're interested in a clever you just want to come hang out with a bunch of folks from the local clubs you're more than welcome to come out as well everybody on a motorcycle is definitely welcome in it's again it's free and his family friendly to it's coming up this saturday july twenty first talk a little bit about the venue so it's at rocks bar and grill in previous years we've done this at palmer park kind of in an outdoor venue this year we're bringing it inside and we're hoping to change up the menu a little bit and and have that atmosphere that's kind of a little bit more conducive inside and maybe actually good this year with the record heat that we've had that maybe people who enjoy the air conditioning as well and again we're kind of changing the venue or i'm sorry the raffle i'm sorry so we're kind of expanding a little bit as far as actually increasing the type in the number of prizes that were having sewer setting it up more of a typical event that the most a motorcycle enthusia within colorado springs are used to so it's going to definitely reflect that but again this is just one just.

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