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In line. All right, it is 1 30 time for the news. There's your Lauren Latka. It's 38 degrees at 1 30. Good afternoon. I'm more lap Gun. Another fatal Carjacking in Chicago. First WGN traffic Here's Mary Vandeveld and Traffic is sponsored by Rocket Mortgage. The Eaton's in good shape along with ER Kennedy in both directions, But in pounds a bit slow of from O'Hare about 40 minutes and 30 from the Edens accident now On the album side of the Eisenhower This one. It's central 30 out to Mannheim, 42 to 3 90 35 coming in from 3, 90 Stevenson and good shape along with the Ryan Bishop Ford Heavy of just from cottage grove on in that road work now cleared north bound 3 55 53 an accident before Palestine is off to the side, Also in West Chicago, an accident Saint Charles in North Avenue. Get personalized loan options, closing costs and tax estimates. All in real time when you need your mortgage to fit your family and budget rocket can when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in real time rocket can rocket mortgage Our band of LGBT on traffic. Central. Ah, man was shot and killed behind his Bridgeport home Monday when he refused to hand over his car keys toe a robber. According to the Tribune, A 33 year old man was parking his car in an alley in the 3000 block of South Union around 6:30 P.m.. When a car pulled up a person got out and demanded the keys. The man refused in the suspect got back into the car and then three shots were fired at the victim. Responding officers found the victim dead on the scene. Two vehicles involved in the shooting were later located by police. A suspect was charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle. There have already been 1225 Carjackings this year, more than double the total for all of last year, A city hearing is underway, focusing on the policies of search.

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