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The crash that killed Kobe Bryant sued sales are suffering at men's warehouse that's stories coming up in five minutes when Bloomberg checks or money any racist protesters are demanding that local law enforcement dig deeper into the death of Robert fuller stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes but first it's eight fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five sure sure expense secular continues in Inglewood the four oh five north past la Cienega this is our rec with the overturned car it's an injury crash the three right lanes are shut down while they try to deal with that we're going to be jammed from before century you can fix the pulpit a looks like a good way to get around that in the supposed to pass on the four oh five north for Skirball center look out for some debris that's going to be in the slow lane also some debris in Carson south bound side of the one ten before you get to Torrance Boulevard there's some metal or plastic tubing that's going to be in the two right lanes trying to stay over to the left and avoid hitting them in Anaheim the eastbound ninety one before harbor it's a conch out car that's in the carpool lane Caltrans is working a boy in a park on the eastbound ninety one between valley view and not the two right lanes are taken down till further notice for some repairs going on their next report at eight twenty five with more reports more often armored Smith in the Toyota of Glendora twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio look for a slight boost in temperatures as we head into the Sunday afternoon under plenty of sunshine temperatures in the lower seventies along the coast upper seventies downtown through the base and lower eighties for the valleys this afternoon upper eighties in the high desert and lower seventies up in the mountains temperatures warm slightly as we head into our Monday.

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