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About raising questions about Russian interference. What makes what's happening now Different is that you have the president of the United States. And Republican officials going to court. And turning their questions about the legitimacy of this election and actually going to court and trying to overturn the election. Overturn and reverse the will of the people. The 2016 and 2020. We're talking apples and oranges here when it comes to the reaction of Democrats to the election of Donald Trump and 2020 and the reaction of Republicans to the election of President elect Joe Biden. On when it comes to when it comes to the lawsuit before coming on your show, Brian I was hosting My Washington Post Live show called First Look where I was on with Eugene Robinson, a liberal columnists at The Washington Post and Hugh Hewitt. A conservative columnist with Washington Post who has a daily radio show, who is also a lawyer, and I asked him about this, and he agreed with Gene Robinson that this Texas lawsuit is it's meritless. And if a dyed in the wool Attorney conservative columnist. For The Washington Post says that what Texas is doing is is not worthy of being heard and is without merit. I'm going to listen to him. Because, you know contrary to do what Brian might believe I do. Listen to do what people have to say on the other side of the political spectrum, and, you know, actually, he raises a good point about when I said Talking about my show, you know, giving people ammunition for arguments that they want to have with people in their family were on the other side of the political and ideological spectrum. That is my recognizing Who I am and what I bring to the table as an opinion columnist. And I should point out I am a journalist. The what I get to do is after I do all my reporting. I actually get to say what I think about things, Which is why I'm an opinion column. This an opinion journalist? And, um, folks. I've been in this business, you know, writing for more than 25 years coming up on 30 years I've met journalists. I'm not a mathematician, but Everybody knows that I am left of center. They're actually probably some people out there for whom I'm too conservative. So, um, you know, I hear you, Brian and I understand what you're saying. But I just We're just gonna have to agree to disagree on this. And when it comes to the Texas when it comes to the Texas case I am more than happy to stand to stand with you. Hewitt on this If a conservative like Hugh Hewitt says that what's happening in Texas? Is a waste of time and has no legal merit. Who am I to argue? Jonathan Capehart addressing our last caller, whose name is also Brian, in case there was any confusion there, and we will have to leave it there with Jonathan Capehart. Opinion columnist. Opinion journalist for the Washington Post. And as of this weekend, the Sunday Morning 10 a.m. to noon host on MSNBC for now, Jonathan always a pleasure. I hope you keep coming on with us, even though now you're a big TV star. Absolutely, Brian. Thank you. Rain later on W N Y c much more to come. On the next. All of it will celebrate Hanukkah foods and traditions with Amanda Dell. She was food societies, program director and host of the schmaltzy podcast, and we'll hear about some of your favorite Hanukkah recipes. US Director Julia Heart on her new film. I'm your woman and unconventional crime drama set in the 19 seventies about a woman who is forced to go on the run with her baby. I'm Alison Stewart joined me for all of it. Weekdays at noon on W N. Y C. W..

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