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The three tweets i basically read them one after the other and it's very interesting because the question we we posed this morning was do you believe the president so the majority the winner today is i don't care about the stormy story at all that is probably about forty forty percent maybe something like that with the yes i believe him and no i don't believe him answers roughly sharing the balance of that so the moment the winner is i don't care and i find that very interesting so if that is right if people genuinely don't care this is back to campaigning donald trump every time they thought they got him the result was he went up in the polls remember those days every time thing that he has said or reported as being said and he went up into pulse and i find it fascinating the people essentially don't seem to care rudy giuliani is the president's lawyer and you wonder looking at how he is behaving why that wasn't the case some considerable time ago they are very very good friends if you remember you got a cast your mind back now and be a longterm listener of this show but if you remember there was one time i was interviewing then candidate donald trump and i can't even remember why rudy giuliani came up in our conversation i don't remember i'd have to dig out the audio and frankly i copy bother to do that but we were talking he and i the now president then candidate donald trump we're talking back and forth and rudy giuliani's name came up and donald trump said to me well he sat right next to me you wanna talk to him i said the next thing when you had rudy giuliani on the phone eventually we got then candidate now president donald trump back on the phone they handed the phone back and forth to each other so they've been very close and you do wonder seeing how a giuliani has started in the legal corner of donald trump so late because yesterday speaking on the hannity giuliani says oh bunch of stuff token of jim commes like sorry jim you're a liar he called the special prosecutor's enquiry a garbage investigation he said the gym comey should be prosecuted really getting out in front bell long longtime friends.

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