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Greatest public health blunder in world history over group in fuel Herr doktor slouchy yeah global view over the may go back to work sharks global global she will soon let you go back to your little job thank you all you would have the Blue Cross the savage nation weekdays at three PM on the talk of Connecticut Iran this these update from may twenty first the first speed limit was enacted into law in Connecticut today in nineteen oh one limiting cars to twelve miles an hour in the cities and fifteen in the country on this date in nineteen fifty five he recorded the rock and roll classic Maybelline and a man with a hammer attack Michelangelo's PA tie in Rome today in nineteen seventy two he smashed her face and broke off her left arm some of the pieces were never recovered born on this date actor Raymond Burr aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss and you want to wait for the food the actor Mr T. hi Mitch Davis and that's your on this date update so nice all across the state of Connecticut Hey get out.

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