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Well, let me let me throw this out there and for the win loss crowd. And that's what makes sample sizes so small in the NFL. So that's why narratives change so quickly is because we base everything off wins and losses and there's only sixteen of them in every season and anybody that's done any type of social science ever done. Any research knows that sixteen of whatever you're trying to do. Due ENA, very good sample size. So things change quickly. So again, these last six games set the dolphins have a lot can be said about Ryan tannehill. And a lot can be said about Adam gays, and it's really gonna be interesting to see how we end up siding on things here. Six games from now. You look at Adam gays, and yes, his offense is not been great. We've all said on this show all three of us that he should give play calling. I still from a believe in that that he should give playcalling be head coach give your input and he Adam gates in his press conference earlier this week hinted at something what he says Stephen Ross talks to them after every game during the week as well. And he said this Stephen Ross understands why the team is so decimated with injuries and not why. But why does he mistrial and because of the injuries and he said that Ross saw what the offense can look like with an healthy our Wilson with the healthy. Devante parker. What the healthy Ryan tannehill? And those pieces are missing now. And then you educate brand there too. So it sounds like barring a complete collapse. The Adam gazes is coming back for another season. Whether anyone likes it or not now, I'm sure there will be changes on some of the staff, I think we'll get into defensive coordinator room. Leaked during the bye week from. I believe it was three yards per carry. The Adam gates wanted to bring Vic Fangio Adam gays wanted Vic Fangio ever since you enter for the job in San Francisco. But Stephen Ross who was snake bit from all the money. He spent on Vance Joseph who left after one year and the contract, I guess frontloaded he wanted to promote someone from within. So we'll Adam gates get his way this off season. We will see the only thing for me. And I think Adam gates should return..

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