Ken Clapper Stein, Donald Trump, Intel discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


Sometimes all I need is that Little Push Well, the only reason I remembered it is because I grew up with a kid named Mark Sadler and so the name stuck but I never remember his first name. So let let me tell you Tomorrow on the program I have Ken Clapper Stein from the nation's good. He's good and he's been writing about You know trump's Gestapo's trump secret police that went into Portland and all this and I him actually asked on Friday if he could do to show on Wednesday because I do the music thing on Monday Tuesday. So I booked him for Wednesday. Well, yesterday he broke this big story about these same secret police keeping. You know doing Intel on. Yes. Best irs on leftist agitators on trying to link Antifa to foreign governments. How funny is that and one of the people caught up in their Intel is supposedly a liberal podcast. So this is big news story. So can clip and Clemson Stein clipping clippings dine will be on with me tomorrow and then on Friday just so you know I'm so excited about this the Midas, touch their three brothers who are making these great videos and they're going to join us to. China a spotlight on them because these are Democrats as opposed to like the Lincoln project to also does good work but know, Republicans, these guys their brothers they're awesome and they're adorable. So that'll be Friday. So we got a big show week of shows ahead of us and. Thanks good gotta go I'm late later. GotTa. Laugh and see you tomorrow by everyone. Thanks for listening..

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