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Teeny were very organized undertaken by a specific union or 'cause it was very discernible who is in the march and who was outside of it says venetia govender a south african rights activist but one was just a public outcry. This story was reported by ryan. Lenora brown in johannesburg for the monitor after the discovery of unmarked children's graves at several residential schools in canada indigenous groups are demanding all such schools be searched not just for justice for healing the discovery of unmarked graves at government funded residential schools in canada. This year has not surprised. The country's indigenous population survivors have long spoken of the but the physical evidence has accelerated the push to locate remaining graves across the country and as more are found indigenous. Groups will face difficult questions about how to best. He'll in a long path forward since the first discovery of the remains of an estimated. Two hundred children in kamloops british columbia in late may the federal government released already allocated twenty seven million dollars to aid indigenous nations to search the grounds of more than one hundred and thirty schools. But this latest chapter of discovery must go far beyond remembrance says chief mark hill of the six nations grand river. Someone has to be accountable. He says how can you heal if we don't have all the truth so many of the issues that we've seen today that indigenous communities in canada and elsewhere face can often be traced back to these systems that broke families says kisha supernet of the institute of prairie and indigenous archaeology. If there's any chance of having a healthy future we have to do this. Work and hold people accountable and figure out a way forward. This story was reported by sarah miller. Yana in brantford ontario for the monitor. Wastewater in the us tells the story of haves and have nots but rural alabama may found a model way to narrow that gap. This is the second in our series on water and justice until nineteen seventy. Two united states had no national standard for wastewater treatment then came clean water act which allocated more than sixty billion dollars to upgrade the nation's infrastructure but in nineteen ninety federal grants were replaced by low interest loans leaving rural and

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