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So that is good news for north western Maryland is crushing Illinois forty two twelve in the third. Rough times in Champaign. Michigan state beat Purdue twenty three thirteen Nebraska rolled over Bethune cookman forty five to nine people are interested in the top twenty five real quick Georgia is leading Florida twenty three fourteen in the fourth call that the largest cocktail party world. That's that's unfortunate and just checking games of here in the top twenty five. I guess we should mention your your rival, Harry the Missouri Tigers Owen three in the SEC are leaning number twelve Kentucky fourteen three in the third. They ran away there there. There was. They left the big twelve they got sick losing and basketball, the jayhawks, and they they left, you know, since you mentioned that Kentucky quarterback, by the way. He's going to play Sunday. We Missouri actually wants to play Kansas and basketball, but Kansas is too weak to play them excuse me. That's exactly excuse me that you're talking about the number one team in the nation. Why don't you play Missouri, Missouri, Missouri? We played them twice a year every year, and they left the conference. But now he saw laughing we won't play you in a game where the fans want to see it. You should step up and play stem up. We were in the conference with them. They left the good. It's like it's like, you're having a dinner party of cleaning, your house of cooking making dinner and the two people that are sitting there get up and leave. Now, they wanna come back. I have dinner at your house again, they had to make a business decision knows better for them. As those decision. They ran like coward. Think about the fans seven twenty WGN. The.

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