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To the IRS rests or has unfired tax returns. Recent events have caused massive job layoffs and financially burdened million's. While tough times will go away. The ire s won't a community tax. We're on top of evolving IRS collection policies that could make it easier to resolve tax problems and dramatically lower monthly payments. If you're facing a serious loss of income, you may qualify for IRS hardship programs that may lower your monthly payments. Or provide dramatic tax savings for taxpayers who are less than $250,000 Aaron a payment arrangement with the IRS. New guidelines could lower your payments substantially. Community tax has decades of experience helping taxpayers with IRS collections. So call our help line today for your free consultation and learn what programs you qualify for. Call 806 130 10. That's 806 100 30 10 806 Already 30 10 For the first time in Belgium's history. A reigning king is expressing regret for the violence carried out by the former colonial power when it ruled over what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. King Philip's letters stop short of an apology, but he has marked the 60th anniversary of Congo's independence from Belgium by acknowledging suffering and humiliation on the Belgian colonization. And acts of violence and cruelty in the Congo free state. That was his ancestor, Leopold's private territory where officials hacked off the limbs of Children and their parents. Quotas for rubber, ivory and minerals. Production were missed. Leopold Statues have been defaced in black lives matter Protests, but only this month King Philip's brother, Prince Laurel, sort to exonerate Leopold. On the grounds that he'd never bean to Congo and that's BBC correspondent Mike Sanders reporting. News and analysis a townhall dot com Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer. Thiss report is sponsored by lows in Vacaville West,.

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