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Ten percent discount Kristof that you wanna buy that. Day so you just have to get a badge when you check in and get all that. Stuff so that'll be. Fun all. Right so that's the garden. Railroad and that's the. Tour August eight teams on. Saturday nine to. Three they UCSE master gardeners August classes coming. Up see this is the Gilroy again, planting California, natives August eleven from nine to eleven as that is held at the St Louis hospital teaching and demonstration. Garden and that addresses ninety four. Hundred no. Name, no it's no name Luneau in. Gilroy. Yes so address. Thing and that's August eleven and nine to eleven. Planting counterpoint natives claiming your fall and winter vegetable, garden August twentieth from seven to eight. Thirty this is A library. Class the Morgan hill library and that's at sixty six six zero or six six six. Two six west main avenue in Morgan hill Morgan hill library this twentieth from seven to eight. Thirty that's coming up. And then. We go north so we. Go to the UC. Master gardeners of Napa county. They invite you. For a fall and winter vegetable gardening workshop. Saturday August eighteen to two thousand eighteen, from nine, thirty to eleven thirty AM and that meeting room is at seventeen ten so skull avenue in Napa so. August eighteenth from nine thirty to. Eleven thirty. AM, seventeen ten so Scott.

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