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What? She had been sick six. Jaw? And why was pushing? What are you trying to do? Money. She had no. Doc. Still. Somebody. That is the unmistakable voice of Sam Cooke with the sole stirs singing touch the him of his garment before that sister Rosetta Tharp with up above my head. I'm CeCe Winans when we return we'll head to the stage of world cafe live in Philadelphia for some live performances by the Fairfield, four the Macquarie's sisters and the Dixie hummingbirds here on the gospel roots of rock and soul. I'm CeCe Winans one of the great gospel court tits, the Fairfield four call my hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, their home, the group formed in one thousand nine hundred twenty one and since their very first live radio broadcast on W S. I x in Nashville the group continues to thrive and perform from a show at world cafe live in Philadelphia. As part of the gospel roots of rock and soul. Here's the Fairfield for standing in the safety zone. Wow. Amazed on. About. If.

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