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Changing injuries is rising every year despite numerous safety campaigns. They believe shocking images like the one they've mocked up using a man's severely damaged town might deter buyers half of those seen in hospitals. Last year were aged eighteen or under eighty percent were male. Skin cancer deaths? Among men have soared in wealthy nations since nineteen eighty-five with mortality rates among women rising more slowly even declining. Researchers told this to a medical conference reasons for this discrepancy between the sexes are unclear but evidence suggests men are less likely to protect themselves from the sun or he'd public health warnings. Interesting at first it seemed like it was just a bad cold with a fever that came and went then one day when Scarlett burn woke from her nap the toddler was unable to move her. Right arm panicked. Parents Andrea and Chris can burn rushed the little girl to the urgent care center and the king of Prussia operated by children's hospital Philadelphia and from there on the hospital's emergency room in west Philadelphia Ray showed that scarlet a few days shy of her second birthday back in two thousand sixteen had no broken bones. But an MRI on a future visit revealed an alarming sign damage somehow to her smile cord, the inflammation and Scarlett spinal cord eventually was attributed to a virus called the Etorofu virus d sixty eight that infected many of the other children. This is something that's going on all around the country. Let's check in with Dr Gary Ridenour about this, Gary this is serious stuff. But what is it? It's it's a series of confusing things. I'm going back to fifty four where I was a police pioneer and got the Salk vaccine in fifty five. Dr Eddie found faulty batches of the vaccine from cutter labs, it was called the cutter incident and resulted in two hundred children being paralyzed. Then in nineteen sixty Dr Eddie found a cancer causing monkey virus enough to talk vaccine, and they can't very quietly cancelled it moved onto Sabin that was the Soviet virus. Wasn't it? That was a simian monkey virus? Wasn't it? Yes. And it was her since for six seven years now, we have acute flaccid mile litis and oddly enough, it was first reported fifty eight diesel viruses been suggested, but not found in all the cases my research found up from two fourteen until now we've got about five hundred children have gotten have come down with this. But the problem is India has five hundred thousand children, and they know it's from overdosing their children with too much oral polio vaccines now all scenarios are still up in the air, except the CDC has a sacred cow, which is the polio vaccine. So poli on vaccine are banned words at this for this illness, and it is causing problems. It may be a viral mutation. But the problem is that we've got to get on the same page not play with a child's future and move on. And find out what's going on with this thing. All right. Stay on. This for scary hisses, horrible situation. My god. As a parent. I would be panicking all the lion air jet that crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Indonesian capital city one week ago killing one hundred and eighty nine people on board at an airspeed indicator problem on its four previous flights according to investigators. Unbelievable. Let me tell you something. There is nothing like US mechanics working on cars and airplanes. They are the best. These foreign people were working on some of these planes shoddy workmanship in the follow up four times four times. This thing could have been avoided a series of large earthquakes has rattled California over the past twenty four hours, and scientists are telling us that the shaking was the result of movement along the. The San Andreas fault system. Our expert on earthquakes calorie author of the man who predicts earthquakes about the late Tim Burke with us Cal, what do you think's going on here? Well, I talked to fish. Last last month, and I did predict west coasters place. You did in northern California southern California bay area before the end of the year. So the other morning when I saw the four point one kind of shook me up a little bit. I didn't feel it. But I wanna take back something I said last month. I said, oh, this is good. We're having quake senate's relieving releasing pressure and stress. It's it's really not this. There's this is it a build up to something else. Cal. It could be the third not enough small earthquakes to relieve enough stress to prevent to prevent the large events like with this could end up being, you know, if it's a six point our larger this the small quakes don't mean anything leading up to something personally is an intuitive. I'm not. Feeling it. I don't feel. We're going to wake up tomorrow morning with the six point seven point out. I just don't feel like I have with others that we still have two more months to go. So it could be leading up to something. Also with the Pacific ring of fire. A lot of people, including me believe that it could all be sort of connected. Y'all's website of our Twitter feed it coast to coast AM dot com and another sign of the times for retail lows is closing fifty one North American stores. Lows said that these locations are under performing and the decision will help the hardware chain focus on its most profitable stores. Nasa may have ruled that the first interstellar object ever spotted in our system is a metallic or rocky object approximately thirteen hundred twelve feet in length one hundred and thirty one feet wide. But a new study from the Harvard Smithsonian center for Astro. Physics says it could be something much more exciting. It could be a light sale of artificial origin sent from another civilization. We've got this story in our highlight reel it coast to coast AM dot com. The study which was posted online earlier this month suggests that it's strange excess acceleration could be artificial in nature as it has been implied. That it is not an active comet, it's an amazing story. What else is going on in the skies? Let's check in with Stephen Cates. Doctor sky high Steven what do you have for us, George? Hey, we begin of course, with a story that's been widely reported, and I have some more updates on it. It's the strange Martian volcano known as arsia Mons and the strange cloud formation around it, many people have heard at least by now that the European Space Agency's Mars express spacecraft started to see this amazing nine hundred mile long cloud, which many thought was emanating from the volcano itself back in September. Respective George this mountain, this giant massive mountain is sixty four thousand feet, high dormant shield volcano, named of course, after the Roman forest known as arsia last time, it was theoretically active was one hundred and fifty million years ago. So we know it's not from ash. But what is it many? Astronomers now conclude that this is something called or graphic clouds complicated in sound, but it's simply this water vapor and ice moving over the top of the volcano at high speed on the downward side, creating this amazing cloud formation, and George I want to let the audience know for years, I've been observing Mars. This is not something unusual the largest volcano on Mars is Mount Olympus, Nixon ethica strangely. The size of the state of Zona sixty nine thousand feet height. I've watched these morning clouds before sort of put the rumors to rest if something not from the volcano in the livestock. Here's something fascinating Mars, the topic. We're talking about George high on the south. You can see it with the naked eye easy. Telescopes reveal details seventy seven million miles away at George how about this. Another of the first two good meteor showers of November folks start looking now into the east just after sunset maybe around nine pm to the east you baguette to see some bright slow moving towards fireballs. These are fascinating you need a little patience. And then it builds up to the big meteor shower on the seventeenth Leonids and the new moon, George where people can see the best obviously without moonlight occurs on the southern sky reminds you always always remember to keep your eyes to the sky is Email, the doctor sky, the RSK why at Cox dot net. Thank you, Steven. Always. Appreciate your work up next. We're going live to the United Kingdom with, sir. Martin REEs on the future.

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