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Talking Torian. Region. was that I can't see my mom. Until I realized I needed something maybe contemporary for maybe travel, maybe something contemporary, but that's that's a way. A little bit might be what I need to do. You have to read the idea of you, so it's about it's the best escape like anyone who DMZ during the pandemic. We've been like read. This bucket will is like a book. Yes, it will give you such a nice escape. It's about Basically a forty year old. There has an affair with a thinly veiled Harry styles, but the writing of the book is actually beautiful, and it's really smart, and it's just wonderful. Okay, it's definitely my favorite recent romance. Yeah, it's a good escape. Yeah, but we also want to talk about with the fire on high. Lead to the party I didn't read it until last year, but I loved it. I'm and one of the questions that somebody came out last year. I was a year late to it for some reason. Book a year so I've only I mean two and a half years ago. I was on time for the Bernie. You were you were? But I wanted to. Somebody asked questions about the food and the book because food is such a central. Part of that book, and did you have to do research for that or do you cook? Was this from your family and your heritage? Like? How did the? How did that work with that novel? I do cook and I enjoy cooking. I didn't start cooking until later. My mom is an amazing cook. And she was not someone on I was GONNA compete with when I was younger, so I would bake, but I wasn't competing with like what she she and then I went to college in in I. Just really enjoyed the kitchen. Kitchen since I was a kid but I just love discovery. I love putting flavors together I. Look figuring things out and so a lot of Iman as kind of one in a fused thing. I wanted to remake food. I think that's very much my coming from me. and my mom is incredible. Ed Cooks vary I wouldn't say global cuisine, but more than like my other aunts cooks widely in terms of Latin, American cuisine, and worked specifically as a like nanny housekeeper Rico. She had to cook for the family that she. She worked for so a lot of the dishes I grew up with were Puerto Rican dishes because of what she had learned to cook in the legal, but we're not Puerto Rican and so there was. There were some dishes in the book that my mom made the liquor. Recipe is my mom's stimulate recipe, and you know Dominicans also make Mongolia phone when anything with flat panels any planting dish in there. I probably can make on, and then there were things that I just I've had Puerto Rican restaurants or my husband's family is. Is from North Carolina and so when she brings in her north, Carolina routes I will be channeling some of his aunts. They're like what I've had at Thanksgiving or dishes that his dad makes but I kind of fused what I know what I love embarrassing things and this research, so it's a the recipes mixed. You made food fieldstone magic. In that book there is some kind of alchemy about just her experience, being in the kitchen and creating something that just felt like there was so much love and in the experience of cooking. I wanted to make the recipes almost like little poems. I can the poetics there these essays that seal motto rights, and it's a different format in. It's like how you get in her head with the fire on high for me. The recipes where those little moments of this is a different format, but he's trying to show you the steps for something more than just cooking. She's trying to show you the steps or how she kind of processes how she gets you. Whatever emotional reality she's living so whether that's senior virginity and then having to eat sweet plantains, because there's something about the families ation in the bitterness there that matters or whether. Graham our aunt censor recipe issues like all right I. Can I can flip this that I feel for loss in my quip that in I mean it's definitely a call water for chocolate. Right with fire on high is in that in that scheme. In conversation with, but I'm glad like the recipes I did. Yeah, you don't think you're gonNA. Write a sequel to the fire on high. We got a lot of readers at.

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