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Everything's very neat. You're not even making traumas anymore. It's like dramas are not really what they used to be. You just don't do it in this guy bar gots. He's going to do our special. He's great. I mean he's doing it was like yeah. He's great. He's a he's a national committee. Monster monster probably best special on net flicks <hes> monster. You'll be on but <hes> for your was going. Oh christina. You know tom's christina yeah. We were basically neighbors that i saw whole foods. I demon recognize all she had some cool. <hes> tyler pants on something like the lead wear that caught my attention but her kid man. They have a one and a half year old. It looks looks identical to tom if a girl but this this this this is so fucking cute. That's what i didn't. I didn't realize christina for a second. I was waiting to did get some meat at the counter and i see this kid combining both head up rooms. Mom is a good guy. The gerber baby kids cute as fuck fuck. Christina goes like oh shit like helix dakhil term. She was a shame. She's so funny. <hes> she's grey a dude. I they don't pose picture their kid. I don't think but god damn. This kid is cute. Man yeah a little gerber baby a little gerber baby god it was acute reminded me of something and i was a little post pictures of other kid a dozen kids up top. I'm not sure our <hes> that's alley wong's let within the pool with those crazy hats on fantastic. Yes super cute though yeah i kid i mean i'd even realize christina. The kid is so goddamn cute blinding cute some american butter on netflix my next special component which absolutely crush because we we always over like oh my fan fan base why people watch you gotta hit the masses. The masses are funny titles. That's fucking at me. All the fans all all of us here. All the fans are saying like please do that title much. Push the cart american. It was the best idea yeah been doing on the road. Now as i create exclusive merch just for that city so like natural i did <hes> the cover of <hes> my boys zach did the we did the cover of <hes> like a johnny jack daniels bottle but put i. I saw that so we did shirts. It's an had so that right away. I was coughing that we'll be specific. City merch only now so like for portland. We're doing voodoo donuts like the logo boot so just certain city instead of just all general what we've been doing. It's been great. I need a good. They got you off the road for a while so we can figure it out. Okay perfect. That's beautiful. What a great idea. It's just sells because i thought to that yep. Wow damn got like that like the business school <hes> fucking crazy about this business. I love doing my t._v. Show it's amazing but but it is a it used to be when you had an a._b._c. t._v. Show that was it you were done. It's all good but stand up and podcasting. Casting is the new blood so to take a break from that is is is actually a plus you own all this be yeah. It's actually tough. You know. It's tough financial. There's yeah there's things yeah no. It's interesting though yeah yeah it is. I i met whitney for coffee. We're talking about comedy and everything like that and and because i <hes> too much into fuck me i we're talking about like agents imagine stuff like that and <hes> i was trying to figure something out. I'll talk you later about outta strengthening out and she goes well. What do you want. I can't remember. I don't think anyone's ever asked how important question the most broadcasted but but no there f._b._i. Went and then you expect them to know.

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