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That's what it's cold from Joe who earns another extra topic. Of his choosing. Okay. To remind you. I'm going to give the song title and the artist emperor three points. Utomi what TV show that song served as the theme for you can guess freely at the three point level. And if you don't get it, right? I will play you a snippet of the theme after which the correct answer is worth one point make sense. Yeah. Remind me how many sorry remind me how many points it is. If we guess just on the title, three points for your out of the blue side one point after the clip. Thank you note that the artists is usually the performer sometimes a song writer, I'm not gonna tell you which one it is figure it out steel mill situation pleased her Sarah. And I each have one steal meal guests era. I'm sorry. We'll all right. Let's throw to pick. You to see who is going to go first. We'll start with valued guest. Oh, all right. Well, we'll start with you is everybody to play. That's what is called partout. No, what's the rest of the order. I always forget the rest of the order is Tara, Tara will Tara, Sarah. I apologize. Here. You go will I will give you the name of the song and the artist if you know, the show it is theme for let me know if not we'll go to the clip the song. Bo picky. The song is heavy action by Johnny Pearson. You know, what that is? Will I think I do is that Monday night football. A little bit of extra hot great trivia, these back part of this which starts right after that clip is the inspiration for our theme here at extra great. Actually, we used it back out for like the first episode of the first run. So to Tara me. Yep. There's another easy one. Liberty bell March by John Philip Sousa. This is Monty python's flying circus. Refuses to end Sarah d bunting way down in the hole by Tom waits. Those by ringtone for a while. That's the wire. Watch. Tom waits and red Foxx might be the same person. Together. Back to will funeral March of a marionnette by Charles good node. Hint. All right. Your hint is this clip. In west showed. That is from. That is Alfred Hitchcock presents are, correct. I want to say the back half of this game is definitely harder than the first half. Who played last week? The first three are definitely the easiest of the bunch. So. Not going to be quite as easy for you. This week backed aura all look by Luchino Leaney. Rollock hint clip. Curb your enthusiasm, Sarah, d bunting maternal Primorye remorse by Mark snow. There's a good. Thira Primorac by Mark snow doing penalized for guessing getting around. No, okay. Game of thrones. Are incorrect. Your is. But. The show. That's the X-Files as one point back to Tara. Nope. Back to will. Who is like Tara, many ways your other way, cosy in the rocket by sap? He S A P P believe it's pronounce sad. Place. IRA here is your clip of cosy in the rocket. I had a little trouble this because here's a little clue. Casey don't know. Trouble trying to track down on YouTube clip of at the beginning of the shows. I could see no longer use as far as I can tell. So this is sort of like an earlier season the. This show. I I think my mother shed off to Sally Leach for knowing that this is early Grey's anatomy. Okay. To tara. Final frontier by Ernest gold. Ernest gold here is the songwriter to see now is it Star Trek is it Star Trek. About you. Actually, I just want to correct myself. I'm not entirely sure use this. You might have been the first performer, and I know there was some stuff where the the commissioned some guy to do it. Then Paul Reiser did it or something like, yes. Sarah, d bunting straight up and down by the Brian Jonestown massacre. Straight up and down. You watch Edson Benson. For that break at any point cut. It doesn't..

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