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We said that this guy is the guy that is going to step up as well and one guy. We didn't give a game ball. Because i want all the way from the field was cam sutton. Yes and cam sutton's a guy that we have been talking about the whole time. The steelers gotta bring in another cornerback. They just can't do it. They should have never gotten rid of steven nelson blah blah blah blah blah. But here's the deal cam sutton stepped up in showed he belongs. This whole team has heard how they were going to lose the buffalo. Everybody said at people that believe in the steelers even said it except for jeff who who is who is in the no but the bottom line to the whole thing is this is a team that believes this is a team. That has an us against the world mentality chase. Clay will even said that the other day on our bts's exclusive interview that they have that mentality and they know what they have. they believe. We've gotta start believing and this could be special so this is a win that to me was one of the most satisfying of my entire forty plus years of watching the pittsburgh steelers because i just have watched this movie over and over again in. This movie ends early on with a team like buffalo winning not today. The narrative his changed. Let's change our narrative with it. All right let's get to wilson's five dollar tip. He says game ball gives a candidate for the office of calling. Play designed game plan in corrections. Made the difference. Cam is close second. He was huge. Yeah ever thought about giving it to the offense coordinator baby. Could dave go with your final thoughts. All right i've got a lotta final thoughts so This is just some. Don't take this in. Take it all in fans because you know bills. Mafia started leaving the stadium when the after when the steelers went up. Ten with nine minutes left people were starting to leave. Okay then when boswell hit the hit. The field goal later on. They poured out of that place. We heard them talking smack for the longest time. And guess what the steelers came in. I mean it wasn't if they were going to win. The question was about how much they were going to win. By was was the question and that's just how they. They felt that they ended up with a with a perfectly easy game to start the season. And it wasn't. I said it before i'm gonna say it again. The if the steelers could actually pull off this game which was won. I mean if you if when go golfing jeff and you look at the card and it tells you you know you've got the easiest hole and you've got the most difficult as you go through and they rank them. This was one of the more difficult games on the steelers schedule. All this is like the two or three handicap. Exactly thanks for saying it. The right way or i was afraid i was gonna say it wrong. That's why did you know that was this game. And they did it and they didn't even score in the first half they didn't even score in the first half but the defense did the job kept them in this game and at the end of the end of the game where they were trying to hold onto a lead they don't break and gave up three and not seven so i mean if not you're still talking about a ten point game there's a lot to be excited about. I wasn't sure if the steelers would bring it together enough to win this game. I felt that the defense would do the job. I didn't know if they could get enough points otherwise and they found Now look out because now the rest the nfl are going to be looking for you. They're going to be trying to exploit the that offensive line is a weakness. You've got to come out ready to work ready to go unless they'll get the win at home next week while said gentlemen i'm gonna go ahead and say that ron chest put the put a well. He's at a vein. He's been a favor fifty years. He's a dedicate this win yes as absolutely. That's a good way to finish the show today. Touch would be smile ear. I'm sure allah can think about is him with the get your bags packed for going to denver for millionaires such a great lie recipes. Touch okay and this is for you there my friend even though we never met we all felt like he was part of the family. So thanks for listening to a part of this makes you follows where we get your podcast and we will see you next week after they play. The raiders. steelers raiders at heinz field. Take it easy. We'll see next.

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