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Eight fifty W F T L, West Palm Beach Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Daria all are at this time tomorrow night. President Trump will address the nation on the government shutdown and border security. House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority majority leader Chuck minority leader Chuck Schumer want equal airtime. Meanwhile, Americans are worried about what this is going to mean for their tax returns. Here's ABC's Jonathan Karl White House says they are trying to mitigate the impact announcing that unlike past shutdowns IRS workers will be ordered to process tax refunds and the department of housing and urban development sent a letter to more than one thousand landlords urging them not to evict tenants. The president says the pain is worth it arguing there is a national security crisis at the southern border. But the White House has come under fire for exaggerating the threat among those angry with the White House. Congressman David cellini is humanitarian crisis. This is not a national security crisis. They're Rhode Island Representative had just finished touring the border and the facility where an eight year old died last month. The death of a US contractor in Iraq is under investigation where Rene's are under investigation for the death of a US contractor in northern Iraq. According to a US official. The New York Times reported a navy Corman was also involved in the incident. The contractors death followed a physical altercation, which took place on New Year's Eve in Erbil. In a statement ABC news Lockheed Martin confirmed that the contractor belong to them and that person was supporting special operations forces during the non combat related incident. Elizabeth McLaughlin, ABC news. The Pentagon authorities in Houston no longer looking at the shooting death of seven year old jasmine Barnes as a hate crime ABC's, Marcus more originally investigating Jasmine's death as a possible hate crime. After Jasmine's family told him they saw white male in a hoodie at the scene. But now a thorny say that description was a case of mistaken identity suspect allegedly told police he mistook the Barnes family for someone. He'd had a fight with earlier that night. You're listening to ABC news another opportunity for me to spend a little time with my press.

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