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Hey there it's maribor leo and you are watching murray tv it's the place to be decreed business in life you love now if you are stuck behind your screen and struggling to me more people in real life this episode is especially for you today's question comes from wendy who writes imeri i'd be school a few years back and really appreciate you and your team we appreciate you in business uncomfortable being vulnerable online but i realized that i'm not at all comfortable talking to people inperson about what i do i recently moved to new york city and there's no shortage of humans however i'm struggling to get out from behind the screen and have real conversations in a world that makes it easy to hide behind our computers what are surefire tools to get me out of my comfort zone and into the world thanks so much wendy wendy wendy wendy this is a great question so many people watching right now can relate because you know working from home it does have its benefits like flexible schedule and time freedom and hey you get to choose whether or not you want to wear pants but it can also be really isolating and even if you love people talking about what you do doesn't come naturally to all of us i know this first hand i mean i used to go to parties and as soon as i would get that dreaded question what do you do i would stumble i mean i didn't like the term life coach so often say you know what i write they and i make videos and i hope you will hit genoa bathroom is however like most things in life this is totally figure out a bowl so here three surefire steps to help get you going step number one is set a stretch goal now to be clear this is not about stretching out your hammami's while you get to know someone.

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