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Just the opposite there getting far more aggressive, um, doing the Hong Kong They don't have a law Khanna whole deal with Hong Kong. It was supposed to have its own laws. It doesn't the Chinese had not stopped in to say anybody in Hong Kong who joined the demonstration or criticised the government of China. Carlos Perry of China Jail for life. Um the other countries that they're doing that they went to the Australians said he'd get criticized us over the cove. It's saying we're going to stop agricultural imports from China to into China, which will devastate the Australian crowning They're going around the world, you know, in countries and I think, finally present samples on Lian first president to stand up to these guys. What's happening now? Is that happening this week? Is that the national security advisor in the deputy, both of whom I hired and brought into the Trump administration, they're going around of the European capitals, and they're assembling a coalition. United States Navy and I am in Britain already on board together to stand up together against China to keep the Chinese out of our Internet Internet infrastructure is called a la wayside. Sure, and they're trying to convince the other Europeans vaginas together. We all stand up to China and say no more intellectual property rights. No more trying to seize the South China Sea, the world's most important maritime trade route as your own, no more choice in this stuff upon the world, no more unfair trade practices. And you do not get to build the Internet of the future. Together. We all can get it done because the Chinese will have two women will be such a powerful block. Um, economically, politically, militarily in every way that the Chinese one after but on ly, the US can lead it. My very proud actually. Of the people in the Trump administration, including the president stepping out to do this. I want to talk about it a little more out of, you know, hectoring his opponents, but but he's you know the thing about Trump. So you get your jersey guy about something with what he says. He has a lot of stuff. He puts a lot of stuff. Watch what he does. And he's got the right policies, A men and to that point, Katie before we let you go talking to the great Katie McFarland, The Brook revolution, you've got to check it out. Trump Washington and we, the people if Joe Biden gets in, and as you told me all the great things that this administration is doing, including with Wall away and and it's frightening. We track this every day in the radio show. It burns in it finds in Katie. I mean, we hand everything off to China correct looking by. I don't think it's going to be the candidate because I don't think he's capable of doing it. I'm not gonna make fun of the fact that he's you know, got got you way all maybe there someday, so I'm not gonna make fun of that. I just don't think he's capable of doing a debate. I know. I mean, if he gets elected president, he's going to be president. He's going to be the guy sitting behind a desk and other people are going to be running and you're absolutely right. They're going to turn it all over the China. They're going to let the Chinese Take what they want, because the Chinese are already in their financial systems. I mean, Wall Street, China. Traders have all become billionaires by turning over American intellectual property. You know the blueprints. There are developments. The innovations that we've been. They turn them over to the Chinese, and they get money for Believe really unethical. It's always a vital vital A searing, wonderful and important conversation with you, Katie. And every time you see, I know we got a break here, guys, but maybe every time I see you, I see General Flynn there you are right next to General Flynn. How was he doing? Katie, if I may ask Well, I think that I think that they're the people against him are trying to do is bring it out till after the election. Delay delay delay. I mean, you haven't committed a crime and the fact that they block nailed him by saying we're gonna go after your son and destroy him Unless you plead guilty to a crime you didn't plant How's that fair injustice? I don't think so. K t McFarland you the best, Katie. We love you with all respect, and please come back any time Katie, and hopefully I'll see you out there. You know, when we get out of this pandemic, and we could show up at a studio, we could see each other over the TV studios for crying out loud. You know where everybody's locked down, and hopefully this will be over soon enough, Katie MacFarland and we'll see you out there. Effort date. You are the best girl Katie MacFarland. Thank you, Katie. God bless and all the very best. You have a great weekend. Katie MacFarland. She is a former Donald Trump, deputy National security Advisor and author of Revolution. Trump Washington and we, the people. You see us what she is, as she button that whole thing up. When we're talking about platonic friends, and I said, I'll see you over there. I'll see over there and she goes. It's a date right as a smart gal. Hey, Debbie, speaking of smart cows, Debbie's on the roads at 7 53 right here in a of 1970. The answer. CEO Yu can have platonic friends see that good ready, Joe. Let's go to the U. S found of the SAC. Ticos accident still being cleared? It's a little bit dizzy this morning at the Grand Central Parkway. Westbound, right, by the way, an accident, just taking care of their and traffic building. Garden State Parkway north Exit 105 with a crash off on the shoulder. Alternate side parking roll suspended metered rules in effect. You now know where not to go? I'm Debbie. Do I came with you? Piscopo am 9 70 The.

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