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A hard time beating the software bots who are snatching them up, then re enlist them on eBay as a mark of the algorithm computer systems ABI but will buy it before you do and then listed and try to sell it to you for more money. Other items targeted by these so called by box include essentials like toilet paper. Even time slots for a grocery delivery service. It's pretty interesting. Have you run across one of those by bots out there online if he tried to buy one of these PS fives for Christmas, I'd love to have 1512836059 to get the full story of this on my linked in page at Todd Jeffries. 512836059 show. They mark him up. I mean, I still have a feel for how much one would be if it was just a regular pro. I think regular price 4, 99 or 99. I've seen him online for 6 99 8 99 and climbing out there. Wow! Yeah. Wow. Well, it's a hot demand minutes. Zoe. Hot item for the Christmas. I don't want it. You gotta want it. And how long will it be before before it's obsolete? Oh, I don't know. Well, I don't think it would ever be obsolete. They're doing updates. All the while they're doing updates that make the machines bigger, Faster, stronger, of course, But this latest version is It's really incredible man. I mean, it's all kinds of streaming capabilities. Yeah, it's a really cool machine. It's really become a real entertainment appliance. As opposed to just AH, game device. I hope you get it because for you, it's become like the Red rider. BB gun. Well, I haven't played. I haven't been a video game guy for many years. Because the kids you know they were they occupied the machines, but it's all you know, back in college and high school. I was all over video games and an old people my age. They play these games because because I talked to him. They called a text and I'd love to, you know, play some online games. Big, Good way to unwind, and I'm sure lose yourself completely. Some people do, man. Some people do it. All I ask is that you pull yourself out and be it. Work it the next day. Now, listen, there's a couple of news outlets were linked in is asking the question this morning. What would you like to be? Or what would you like to be true of you in five years in 2025, Where will you be? And what will you be doing? And what do you want to accomplish? If you start now, you know to get back on track because we're trying to get 2020 behind us. What is 2021 gonna look like for you? What would you like to forget about and move on from? And what have you missed the most during this pandemic Shaking hands? Yeah, really going in and out of the barn hugging friends and family. If I have one more person, elbow me do the elbow or the fist bump instead of shake hands. I shake hands. Absolutely. I've shaken more. Hansen. I should. Yes, there's no doubt about it probably made some people feel uncomfortable. And because I put my hand out and pull it back, and people don't know what to do, so they shake it, and then they probably regret it. They immediately go wash their hair. They probably do probably do I've missed that. As I've told you. I have missed just seeing you Have someone smile at you. It was hit the gym yesterday and looking around every single human being in that gym. Eyes wearing a mask, and I realized it's kind of this. This this this sea of just expressionless people just expressionless. It gives the whole the whole I know this is dark, but you've been dark all morning spaces. I miss faces or nightmare and sea of empty faces. What's wrong with your head? And you just I'm just here in a dark place. I'm not in a dark place. It just it is what it is. So I can't wait to get to the point where we're out in public, and we're seeing faces. Yeah, And it's gonna be a bad time for ugly women with pretty eyes that have enjoyed this period of their life. Understand that sure. The mask has been a gift to those five. Thank your problem is you got low, T? Uh, maybe Maybe. I think that's the reason why you have in your nightmares. E think that's the reason why you're so depressed this morning and Just so dark and gloomy man. I wouldn't depressed. I'm okay. But the things I'm talking about this morning is driving me into pressure. You asked the question there. What have we missed Most that we didn't get in 2021. So I'm saying I've missed I missed your whoever you are out there. I missed your pretty smiling face or you're ugly, smiling face and I missed it. I don't know when this pandemic is over. There's some of you. I want you to stay away. Maybe shows a few. So keep going. Keep that man. Yeah, maybe some of you some of you need to keep you this. Yeah. Keep that mask going. My serve, if if the master serve you well, in more ways than just keeping you healthy By God. Keep doing it. There you go. All right, 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525. We've taken a lot of calls from from Ah lot of residents from Kami, California. Com IFF Oranje Yeah, this morning and I'm just curious. Maybe it's because of this lawsuit, the state of Texas doing these other states for election fraud. Maybe that's what made them tune in and listen online and college, But we took. I want Maybe 678 calls from California this morning calm before GNA and they're very mad at Texas for filing this lawsuit for some reason. Very mad at the Lone Star State. They're very let's be clear the people that remain in common formula. They're very upset that we're able to lure the brightest the most wealthy. The entrepreneurs that Joe Rogan's, the line must teach Texas Hewlett Packard were luring them. They're upset because their political beliefs They're voting reputation has led to so many people to flee their state, and they're mad at us. Well, they found a better girlfriend, California and we are hoping that they were our warning, a better better political situation. And they don't bring their California politics here that they are truly trying to escape that. I know they're listening. Let us show you a better way. I know they're listening. So welcome to the show. And I hope you're decent looking as well. Yeah, that would help a lot if you would just So these this story about the PS five of the by bots out there have you been? You've never run across there. Had a situation like this by bots have been have been something that's out there for a while. I don't know Now. I mean, it's possible that I bought something not knowing that's possible. I was buying something that that's very positive price was the result of that, so I could be. I have to admit when I'm out online buying anything, I probably should be a little bit more. Uh, you know, scrutinizing, And, uh, not just by the way that looks like good process Taking. Brad is in north Austin this morning, Brad. Good morning. Good morning can hear me loud and clear. What's on your mind about those by Bach times telling telling your screener there. They used to be known by another name back in the day when eBay was rocking and rolling. Remember eBay yet an item and it was, you know, the auction was set to run out of a certain time for their software You could program Uh, it's to trigger you know so many minutes before the end of the auction, telling how much over the last bid you know, to try to make sure you've got it. And those were called auctions like burst on and so my macho kind of a different form of that, and what you end up consumer Never wins. You see option Snipers competing with each other software fighting each other to get that final bid. But you know, they're not even if your first person headshot kind of reflexes. You're not going to get it. That's interesting. Yeah, it really does. Media. Please manipulate the system. If you will. It's It's pretty interesting. Yeah, thanks. But I appreciate it, man. It is 9 25. You wear the tide of Don Shula where Ricky and South Austin. Good morning, Ricky. Good money. How are you guys doing today? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, can't you Ricky Birthdays? Tom Pryor very much. It's Marianne. She Ricky on the top of dog show. Oh, man, Ricky, You know what I want to accomplish? Well, first of all, one of the things that I do one of accomplishment. Is to be without a mask. My goodness, Yeah. Right there with you, man. Yeah. You want to work at the lighthouse, which we're working all the time? Makes me kind of sleepy. Yeah, somebody to that. Which one of the waitresses this past Monday when I want to go play some music, and there was meeting one of my band members at this restaurant. We had a gig in round rock and I'm way we're talking about the mask..

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