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Winged with you ESPN radio ESPN two we talked about this a lot in the first hour, and if you weren't listening, then we want to reintroduce America to our new favorite football player and that would be Broncos defensive lineman. Shelby Harris for those that didn't watch the game. Or didn't stay ahead of other things to do on a very busy holiday weekend. People coming into the house travel plans yada yada yada, etcetera, etcetera etcetera. There was a point of the game last night between the Broncos and the Steelers twenty four seventeen Denver on top clinging to that seven point lead. Ben company had brought them down inside the five yard line. There was a third and goal play. They need a touchdown and the extra point to tie the game. Ben drops back throws the ball over the middle thinks he's got one on one coverage Antonio Brown. I'm Bradley Roby and out of nowhere. Shelby. Harris the nose tackle on the play comes up and makes the play. Although when we say, he makes the play I think it's sort of fell into the no, no, no. He's the guy who realized that position. He was in on the field and where he could best help his defense. And that was me to back off because he read the eyes of the quarterback. That's what talented athletes do versatile athletes to say, okay? I'm not going to get to the quarterback. It's getting to be a quick pass. Let me read his eyes and drop back or get pushed back by the offense lineman into the area where the balls being thrown. He literally I I'm trying to make a case for him. Because this does happen this how I got three interceptions as an interior linemen by zone blitzing. You just hold the line. And then you back off into coverage in the quarterback doesn't expect you to be there. All unfortunately, Shelby kinda got blocked there and the ball ended up writing his hands. And he was athlete enough to catch it. Yeah. Again. Here's Ben Rothlisberger. Asked about the interception, and I'll give them credit for being honest Nazi.

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