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And dallas her workout and but but Zoe fucking worked out. It was good man. It's real good. She jobbed out for real legit and it would I won't be surprised that later. On net on it happens again as it was a good match right. yeah. I enjoyed so after the match. They got trucked by tony storm storm. Cold out shirai. For avoiding her and saying she's afraid of her clearly. This is what we're gonna get. Tony storm versus yoshua ride next the so that after that segment we got andy hartwell telling gorgon that she thinks mrs hot k. Gargano then demands theory to start going to therapy. Yeah what the fuck is i. Don't do with this fucking. Oh i was triple h. I would not be happy with this right now. Berry this shit tomorrow. Yeah i would. Just i would just keep it to gargano and kessler would not eat these other people but okay we have. Casey cons tried to save her friends yearly from the depths of her of of whatever bullshit. She's going through z. Picks up the win. I still want to know what's a was the progression his the does yearly fucking out faction. I'm trying to get it. I don't know. I don't know what the house looks great. But she's has to get. The story is the first step her friend saying chain right. I won't be surprised that after mania that she goes on the main roster because she looked she losing at the guy. Yeah that that that that dude. She's beating up her friends. She won the match after the match kate and tries charging may on the stage but is stopped by boa. It's i'm okay with this. I'm okay with this We regal's pissed all night. That san jose escobar still not here Drake maverick and killian. Denver's at the grizzly young vets cribs young win And then we had our final two segments of the night which was a cameron carrying across for santos escobar and a no disqualification match. Tastic match. Loved it might be my match. The week i love. I love how sales escobar came out like in street clothes with his arms taped up. I love the look whene whenever you tell me to know q. Streetfight i expect you in street clothes or in fight club fight. Pick kind of close but you know the best thing is the best thing about it. Is that although he's a cruise way chant. He looks like he could fight carrying cross. Absolutely the best the best port though. I've realized that escobar is not just a cruiserweight champion. He's a future heavyweight Contender in the main roster possibly even exte- so I love this random. Storyline that happened. I don't know who's a face. I don't know who's the he'll which bothers me but it was a good match. Definitely he deputy spots where cross didn't have to sell for him and he did because it was legitimate spots and i i sat there and i was.

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