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Said I want wanna party that has my back. And I was hoping that right? Previous would say I wanna party that gets government off mine. He didn't. Here's the difference. This is Stacy Adams rebuttal to the state of the union speech. Listen to the story she told now, we only had one car. So sometimes my dad had to hitch hike and walk long stretches during the thirty mile trip home from the shipyards one rainy night. My mom got worried we piled in the car and went out looking for him and eventually found my dad making his way along the road soaked and shivering in his shirtsleeves when he got in the car, my mom asked if he'd left his coat at work, he explained that he'd given it to a homeless man he met on the highway when we asked why he'd given away his only jacket. My dad turned to us and said, I knew when I left that man he'd still be alone. But I could give them my coat because I knew you were coming for me. Now, what is the import of that story? The import of that story as far as Stacy Adams is concerned. He's the government needs to intervene to make sure the homeless guy doesn't have it does not shiver out there without a coat. With the story indicates is how charitable we are. We are the most charitable people in the face of the earth and the more prosperous. We are the more charitable we are so for all these things that these people in the left care about. You care about climate change, the private sector is already doing a great deal to combat so called climate change. You saw that commercial? Budweiser did during the Super Bowl where they bragged about their getting their power from wind. The more prosperous. We are the cleaner our air the water. In the more generous. We can be. And I've told you about that book called who really cares written by Arthur c Brooks turns out conservatives are far more charitable with their time with their money, then are Democrats, and it's not because the conservatives have more money. The average democratic household is richer than the average conservative Republican household. So that story that she told could be interpreted entirely differently. If you believed in free markets, and that wasn't the government's job to provide charity and welfare, it's our job. Just as her father helped the homeless guy. And by the way, her father, and she talked about had a very difficult job. And now Ford. His daughter ran for governor of Georgia. This is America. We're moving picture getting more and more prosperous all the time. Now coming up when a play we're gonna play. Can you be curbed next hour, and I have devised a trivia contests with five questions with five different categories, sports, presidents world, cities, astronomy and famous. I if you feel confident about that. Call us a triple eight nine seven one S eight GE and see if you can beat Kirk if you can you will win a my pillow, triple eight nine seven one S A G, Cheryl is in Texas, Cheryl. You're on the Larry elder show. Thank you so much for calling. I appreciate it. Hey, larry. I'm so delighted to visit with you. How are you doing? I'm doing great. Thank you. Right. It's a Friday so much all that. You do. Thank you. Thank you. I just had something to put out there is wondering if Alexandria Cossio cortege with our green new deal. Do you think that she was like binge watching that Jetsons? I mean. I don't know what he's been watching. But it's it's it's amazing. Are you prepared to put on the table that? Yes, actually there. Right. What this requires is massive government intervention. It does. Yeah. I have no problem saying that I think one one way that the right does mischaracterize what we're doing as though it's like some kind of massive government takeover. You just said it is are you prepared to put on the table that? Yes, actually there. Right. What this requires is massive government intervention. It does. Now Alexander Cortez says that ice does not deserve a dime. She wants to defunding ice. And now he is acting asking for full for five billion dollars to continue to militarize and weaponize a force that has zero accountability that rising weaponize who is who. Is rather who's director? And who secretary has no idea when she goes in front of a hearing how many children are dying in her own care. So therefore ice should be defended. They don't deserve a dime. Garland is in Minneapolis garland. You're on the Larry elder show. Thank you so much for calling. Hey, larry. I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do. My pleasure. Thank you. Yeah. I heard that clip of Ilhan, Omar, and I was driving. I just clicked the math and. That would mean that full-time McDonald's workers made less than five dollars an hour. Right. Which would be illegal. Yeah. Among other things. Thanks garland. I appreciate that. So the CEO of McDonald's he gets paid twenty one point eight million dollars. Can can you share with us? What someone in your position at McDonald's gets paid annually. Not that much. Not even a fraction of that. But I make a Levin dollars an hour at my job. Early. Unbelievable, by the way, AFC also suggests that the that we ought to end our two party system. So you must be okay with the idea. And I don't say that is freaking out about it. But look I'm come from. Somebody says what's wrong with more competition is better not last. Do you think it would be healthier for our system if we had four or five parties four or five I think about six that's fine up? I think that that's the two major parties you feel like don't start. How about twelve we come back? Now, the reporter Sam Donaldson. He applauds socialism he says it's gonna make us a better country. And we're gonna chat with Dave from irvington New Jersey about black face. Dave do not leave town. Triple eight nine seven one s on this phone Abro Friday can beat my brother. Call triple eight nine seven one eight can you be Kirk and we'll play phone Abro after that..

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