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Would be blue Water Bridge east and westbound between the U. S and Canada. Due to the fact that it's closed in on this income traffic. The rest the road seem to be okay. I'm being levied. Wh air traffic and weather first. Maybe a few flurries starting off this Sunday. Otherwise, the mix of clouds and sun for the afternoon and Cole again today or the highly hitting 16 Partly cloudy tonight the low dipping before it's mattered in snow showers on Monday with a high near 19. The weather Channel. I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar. A new stock 7 60 wjr. You're laughing and learning with the inside outside, guys on news talk. 7 60 wjr. Here's inside Guy, Chuck Brydon, Stein and the outside guy, Ken Calvert. Good morning, walking back to the inside outside again when we are thrilled to be here for you this morning, you know And the construction world for forever. This kind of temperatures would hit and we kind of just slow down. Everyone just start backing off. Even the inside stuff would really just start slowing down and back it up. But I don't know if it's because our populations boomed so much No one's back enough anymore. Not even a Michigan there no slowdowns in Michigan for winter anymore. And we have a gentleman and a company and decide that can do your work, giving new countertops all year. Long, Spring winter, summer and fall, And I'm with us right now. We have George Mattei, whose the production manager For granted sources of Michigan. He's on to tell us about some of the great options and beautiful products..

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