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Yeah this is kind of ramle. Toll episodes kind of rambling orchestral rival. Faint firing kerr. We've got an orchestra and within this always year like rivalries with the orchestra to get like i chair and second chair like a more featured a featured player in the orchestra. So i think this is some sort of narrative thing around based around that now are they playing practical jokes on each other. So it's kind of like spy-versus-spy thing of the the to reply is pulling pranks on each other like one can sit up. Set up the person's chair to be one of the legs this half sold in half and the other one's like put awful tastes awful tasting stuff on there like math base. The malic acid. Although i ran the math pesos like that sounds from warheads. Yeah perfect i mean. Could you imagine trying to blow into juba math face well faces just puckering into itself. It's so powerful. That almost sucks self inside out. Yeah i don't know if that's the main gameplay though. I liked that as maybe a background thing where there are. Maybe it's a high school castro. So you get some of the jaipur really like make sense from the the you know you. The teacher that is that is looking after the kids. And you've got to train. Stop all the practice. God while you know talking to the kids and helping them through problems. Yeah i guess it depends on. What sort of gameplay going for you made me. Think a bit more about like narrative thing essentially of maybe this is maybe in the maybe in the vein of kasit comey kind of thing about o'clock like like an ap bio something or a missed a call combat combat. Like something where. It's you know the kloss but in this case it's the school orchestra and all of that six kids..

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